Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In the Life of A Virtuous Woman.........

  Many say a "Virtuous Woman " In this day and time, are never to be seen.  So many
women have given there Virtue over to Sin. They have decided that being Holy and
Standing for Purpose is a thing of the past. Many Views of a Virtuous Woman is
a woman who is to hard to resemble. Her Virtuous ways are not reality for this
modern day society. Her Children and her have been abandon by the husband
who knew them not. And she have been left to live a life of shame and dirty living
to survive a tib bite for her family. So the Virtuous women of Our today has diminished.
 She's Lost her Crown of Glory, because she can't keep enough of strands of hair on
her head because of the stress, and mess she's made of her life.  She rather go bald or
wear a wig than reserve the Virtuous Queen she was created to be. The Virtuous
Women of these times look more like a Diva. They are know to be big spenders,
fast talkers,trouble makers,men hunters,sister haters Nubian Princess with no clue.
Their self worth is lost in material goods than purpose. It is said a Virtuous Woman
don't have nothing on A Diva.
   Perhaps the Society is Right, A Virtuous Women has nothing on a Diva, But have
much more experience over a Diva. Her Goal is her Purpose, and once she
perfected her purpose her Days were over from living like a Diva, But Now AVirtuous
Queen. Everybody knows a Queen has wealth, and isn't trying to act like she have
it. She is a Women who shine even brighter than any dull oridnary ruby,,, She shine
Far Above all the other rubies!

                                               Proverbs ( 31:10)

For her Worth is far above Rubies, and the Heart of her Husband trusts her; so he
will have no lack or gain. 
                           Watch out Diva, A Virtuous Woman is Priceless....

Who is she? She is a Women who LOVES GOD, LOVES Herself, And LOVES her Family.
She does not only attend Church, but she seeks to please GOD with her mind,body & soul.
She have received favor with GOD therefore, he's entrusted her into the arms of her
Husband. And her Husband see's her character,heart and relationship so he trusts if she
favorable by GOD she will make him happy too! Therefore, A Man still knows what
good or bad for him.

Proverbs (18:22)
  "If a Man finds a Wife, He finds a Good Thing"  Are you a Good Thing?
It's a myth that Real Men Can't see A Real Women. Men study women,
And they test women. Many Women, get a man and let him tell her anything
and then instead of remaining faithful to her GOD she gives herself over
to the man. What does this say ladies to a man, when you've profested your'e
a Godly Woman. He says, I see you, I see you... Now the reality is this:
A Man, immediately pull back from a women, depending on the circumstances
and maturity of the man, when she gives too much to soon. He feels like
if she was this easy to fool, who's to say another man can't take her away,
or fool her as well. He will never see what was given up for you to be
with him unless you make him see it for himself.

That is why many of us, Need to learn because this is a lesson
some of our own Mothers, Sister and Girlfriends never learned so they
could teach it to you." How to be a Virtuous Woman" and begin to receive
the favor of GOD........

I hope you all come back, And Help me Discover More to this
Virtuous Women Daily Living. Here we will discover tips,secrets and Spiritual
Maturity. I will attempt to make it reality for my audience, but as God
reveals the true essence of the Characteristic of the Virtuous Woman
It is clear we may discover if our past views of her have changed
to what our present views  which will uncover if there is a Virtuous Woman
Hidden Inside of You..
By: Sisterhoods
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