Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is your Suitcase still Full or Empty

   Is it time to clean out your Suitcase for once and all? The bible says,
We are to live a Holy and Righteous life before men. And when we use
the word (Holy) This may look like many things to many Women. In some
religions Holiness is displayed in many ways, but yet everyone
continue to break the Holy (Bible) Manual. But if our minds have not
been renewed we shall never step out of our Hole and into our own Space.
And Sometimes, it good to look over what has not worked and try what
will work. If your true interest in to perfect this virtuous women side, you
may be required to let somethings go that has held you back for so long!

 No one is saying wear a moo moo,or wrap a scarf around your head,
and say I am holy. It's going to take a lot more than that to correct and
perfect this way of living.

 In my past, I would say choice words when I would get upset or mad.
 But over the years, as I began to grow closer to CHRIST, I would begin
 to feel like I would grieve the Holy Spirit, when I would slip up and begin
 to pull my suit out. Everyone knows once you say one, another is easy
 to follow.

 For many years, I noticed GOD begin to remove some of my friendships
 away because this behavior would be practiced while in their presence.
 And I would be the one who would have to walk away asking for forgiveness.

Four Years ago, I felt like my life, was being tested. I lost my Job,Home, and
many possessions because I was injured. I felt like for the first two years, I was
okay, but the last two i became bitter. So every now and then I would vent by
pulling my suitcase out and venting about my situation. I didn't care I was upset.
I begin to notice that the pattern was trying to reform itself, so I said No more,
I don't like to do it anyway, I need to focus on Jesus anyway instead of my
problems, Boy I was through in a fiercy furnance because this had to become
just as bad as it really is to Jesus as it was to me. So He allowed me to be
placed into some awful situation so I could empty my suitcase. Finally I was
tired, I had vented so much that I did have nothing else to vent about.
  I learned that my suitcase was no longer full, it had became empty. And if
I was to learn a lesson, I am glad that God showed his mercy while I unpacked
my suitcase. I have begin to see GOD trying to show me I didn't need that
old suitcase anymore. He had given me a New address and My days for
venting was long behind me. This didn't mean I could try and leave again,
but he said, after you see what's instored for you because you stopped you
will never want to pack that suitcase again!
 As I began to look back over that situation, it was clear GOD allowed me
to be placed in that situation to humble me and correct me. And also teach
me that when I get mad or upset I can reach closer Jesus, than a ugly
suitcase.  My question is to you, Is Your Suitcase still Full or Empty?

What made my situation turnround was this, GOD had placed me in a position
and it was "Honor" He wanted me to remember His ways, were Higher than
mine, and I should have not settled to stay in a position where I could use
ugly words just to feel better, but to be able to overcome those ugly words, and
not believe that my suitcase was needed anymore to relieve me of my stress.

"So he said to me, Watch what you say, And when you say them, I want you
 to get rid of your old suitcase because you don't need it anymore."

 A Virtuous Women, watches what she says, and how she says things
she does not go around say anything because she angry. Perhaps,
you have a Suitcase of your own, and may be it's time you as well,
open the suitcase and empty it out once and for all.  This doesn't mean
you will never do it again, it means next time you do your suitcase will
be empty when you grab it to use it!

I hope you are inspired to change, it's the only way we can get
a chance to move closer into our future..

By: Sisterhoods Bookclub,
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