Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DiD sHe KnOw?

Did She Know........

 She was the Apple of her Fathers eyes,
 She was created in HIS Beauty and HIS splendor.

Her Radiance shined like HIS Glory day after day,
HE made her a reflection of HIS LOVE, nothing was missing
from her and nothing was broken in her.

Her flair and her style made many adored her with her presence,
with her laugh and smile many wanted to be her.
She had the world in the Palm of her hand, But she was
never satisfied, So GOD took it all away. Because
Her Love for Fame and Fortune, Always stood in HIS way.

One day she notice she was not the same, all the people
around her changed, But God wanted her to see it wasn't
them who changed, But it was HIM who changed her.

 HE had great plans to have her grow HIS kingdom, and
 rule of HIS domains, But this plan for her would make
 her feel ashame.

But Did She Know, Her lost was HIS Gain, She had already
Mastered what she was once called to do, but now HE had
called her to do a greater task, not only for him,but now with God.

If she only would have looked deeper within herself and seen
that every cry, every experience was not in vain,
That her Father's Love for her surpassed all her pain,

No Comeback, would have ever made a difference,
but in HIS word, in HIS presence,  and by HIS love
Would have paved the way to a new beginning for her.

The spotlight,the love from others had become
 a hinderous in her way, Her trust in HIM, and her
 Love for HIM had begin to dissolve in many ways.

Her heart became more Broken, Than words could ever say,
she rarely said how much she loved HIM,and
all her emotions away.

God Love for her still never ceased because
in her darkest moments HE would still
grant her peace. A chance to Love and A
Chance to forgive, HE knew she would need him again.

For HE knew it would come a day and time
when HE would reveal to her, why all good
things begin and come to an end.

But Did She Know there is a time when what we
do for this world will not matter anymore, because
of it's forever changing face, but surely what we
do for Christ will never be erased.

And with God amazing Love, HE would
Help her finish her race.
By. K.Thomas
So many times Women fall short of their Father's Love, They tolerate his love for the sake of
their sins, they never look back and see How Patient HE'S been. Day after Day he tries to build
a relationship with them and unlike the Proverb 31 women she recognized she was not the creator nor could she wash away all her sins, she was only a vessel of HIS. Do not let your Pride become your promise.

Remember your plans will never exceed HIS Plans..

I hope you are inspired to Let God Love you Inside Out, Let him direct your path,
and stop taking every No, Wait or Not right now personal. He will give you his
plan which will be your future.

By: Sisterhoods
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