Thursday, February 9, 2012

Who Envies Her?

   It's a proven fact that Women are more envious of other women than Men are envious of other men. More than half of women in today's society does not respect another women because she may have something better than they do and they are crazy mad because of it. It's so bad that many women will stare at you and never say hello, or goodbye. Women need to fix this among themselves and stop placing the blame on another person. Beauty is skin deep and you better not forget that.

   A women outward beauty can grant her many benefits, but a women with inward beauty can have all the treasure in the soil. Because a women who has outward beauty may be quickly accepted doesn't mean she has won the prize. Perhaps, if the average woman was up on her game but had an inward beauty quality she would be given the prize.  I can relate to Two women in the BIBLE who
had to be made over and once they was done they was irrestisble. Ruth and Esther. Both women was average beauties, because people recognize their inward beauty but both had to beautify themselves and then the radiance of they inward beauty surpassed all of the women around them.

  Perhaps, this is why so many women miss out because they do not care about there inward beauty as much as the outward beauty.

Our Modern day society robs a women from being inward beauty still exist! Everyone is trying to work on the outward shell instead of allowing the inward woman to heal from pain,hurt and abuse!
It's even been encouraged that if she look a certain way she'll get her meal ticket, but what happens when she's kicked out the palace?

Women must recognize that they are not a tool but they are design from the tool. They have to allow themselves to illustrate to others what they want others to see. If you want to be loved and cherished you must love you first and cherish the things GOD gave to you and not to another women.

The BIBLE says:  "You was uniquely made"...........  doesn't that count for anything!

Have you ever seen a Women who lid up the room with her presence?
Can you say this is Y-O-U?

Many people have the wrong ideal about the Virtuous Women, they relate her to the proverbs 31 women only because she is described by her attributes, But there is things about the Virtuous women
in our today society which make her look different from the Proverbs 31 women, for one not every
virtuous women is married to a man who believes she's fantastic! In our times women who are very smart, intelligent and beautiful, men find a problem with them, than they enjoy them.

She's is not suffered Hurt,Betrayal or Abuse, in most cases she may have suffered more than people could ever know. But makes her so captivating is her glow which is the reflection of a broken vessel which was remade by the King! Her God fearing ways are from the many errors of her path. Her obedience is sharp and keen because of her past experiences. That's why she shines much brighter than others. And other's envy her because it exposes them. Age,Race nor Size can tame her because her beauty comes from the Lord.

Because many women do not have this amazing glow! and it's envied by many.  In other words her beauty isn't considered her best asset. She believes her relationship with God is her most worthy asset. When you look at the bible, every women who was called beautiful really loved GOD!

  Perhaps, you are her and you already recognize it causes more harm than good for some. You been created by royalty and clothed in goodness but others always hate on you about everything. We you look in the mirror, you see life and grace and other's work on the clock to destroy you. It's a shame to see other women hating on you because you are you! Maybe if they took alittle more time and put that attention on you they two can see in them what you already see in you!

So many women hide behind their own beauty. They fear no one will like them or appreciate them because they have a beautiful face and women treat them so bad because she has everything they want. But have they ever thought of all what goes with being her?

Esther was beautiful when she was presented to the King, She also had to take beauty treatment, to have her skin to be soften, her face had to be refined and the oils that she soaked in for a year had to reflect the smell of a goddess. She plant her time to be what he wanted and what he needed. Can you imagine how many women was envious of her?

Well a lesson is to be learn about a Virtuous Women,

We cannot place a value on beauty anymore because most women can buy a look that fit themselves.
But is that considered beauty?

This is what True Beauty look like:

  Her Inward beauty is priceless, She is radiant wherever she goes.
  She is Beautiful inside and outside because there is a light that
  is connected to her soul. The light is so bright that it has lit up the trail
  into the darkest part of her soul. Even when it becomes dim from hurt
  and pain, she is so radiant that no one else notices her shame.

The reason why many hate her is?

If you may know the answer to this question please comment below.....

I hope you are inspired to not be one who envies her, but one who is her! That's my Q I have to go
hope you have a wonderful day!

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