Saturday, February 18, 2012

LiAr, LiAr Pants on Fire.........

Do You tell LIES about other Women?

   We are so bombarded with many LIES, about what is said about US until it's very hard to can identify the TRUTH when it's present. Our world is forever changing it's views on what is good and what is bad, so many people believe it's better to tell LIES to themselves than Wait on What is the TRUTH to arrive. This Topic stems from Women who Love to tell LIES About other Women inspite of confronting their own LIES about themselves. I believe there's one Factor when telling LIES about others does more harm to the one who tells it than to the one it's been told about. Mainly because A LIE shall have to be confronted with the TRUTH.  Even though  common knowledge rules first,then religion and spirituality follows because many people are not readily introduced to spiritual TRUTHS before they begin to grow and mature.

  And If that is the case many people have already been told a LIE is more powerful than the TRUTH!

  But what a LIE can do to someone, can never Supercede the GREAT BENEFITS the truth can bring to a person whom the LIE was told about or too! A person who is subject to the LIE shall overcome it's intent because it's TRUTH has no Origin.. And The LIE that was told to the Listener will only harshly expose the LIAR whom is spreading LIE in the beginning.

  A Virtuous Women, Values TRUTH over LIES...... Though many words of deception is thrown her way she relentlessly overcome all LIES with TRUTH.

               " For we are overcomers by the Blood of the Lamb, and by words of Our Testimony"

 Are you a Spreader or a Distinguisher?

  Do you tell LIES, to make yourself Look good to others, when deep down inside you don't like who you are? Or do you Distinguish LIES as if you had a fire that need to be put out?

 Even Though each person's Lives are consider a PRIVATE BOOK,which has open CHAPTERS does not give you a right to expose the most fragile inner beings of a person's character. Really when you are in NO position of your own. We are all not in a position to judge one's human fraility. Nor can we rearrange their views to slightly accompany our own.

 God has given each person a Tongue and a Mouth, and Just because you can talk, doesn't mean it should be used as a reference guide about others.

  How can Women Overcome this Problem?

  Women can learn to become sensitive to other women. If she is going through a tough time, you can offer her words of encouragement and mean it! You can offer your prayers, for her and her situation. Did you know everyone have times when they are not themselves, even you? Many times people believe everyone owe them something they themselves would never offer.

  Recently I read a comment about a Women who claims to be God fearing, and speaking negativity about others and their accomplishments. Now, how stupid does that sound. People around this women seen her always displaying herself as a God fearing women, but yet her Jealous side comes out and try and tear down other people who are doing well for themselves. Even though she was deceived to display her feels, but in the end she only exposed her true self.  

  If we are not careful we can deceive ourselves, trying to belittle others! It's a shame to see another person
bites the dust! Now the LIE she intended to hurt others caused her to be exposed herself. Only because something within herself wasn't right in the beginning. If you are a Virtuous God Fearing Women you will not ever allow yourself to be conduct a LIE search!

What is LIE search?
  This is when you search for LIES that will belittle others character and send settle hints to others to hurt their reputation.

 If you are a Women who participates in such behavior you need to stop and look at the women who tells the LIE and if that is You, You have just found who your story is about...This is certainly a evil day, but a Virtuous Women would not be caught spreading lies about others! Stop, believing the LIES you tell about others, because you listener's may discover they are the Truth about You..


I hope this encourage women who are spreading LIES about other WOMEN instead of intentionly trying to tear down another begin to use that same energy to build one another UP!

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  1. I've enjoyed yet another good topic! How true and a sad reality this is, but it happens. Women...telling lies, being deceptive, manipulitive, and using your mouth as a weapon to tear other women down is NOT the spirit that a virtuous woman possess. Let's strive to be the women God has chosen us to be. Thanks for the read! I too stand in check...we all are. We must first get the beam from out our own eye, before we can clearly see the beam in others.

  2. LaTarsha, you are so correct, many times women tend to possess an opinion of others to themselves and do not completely have supporting facts to those opinions. But what makes a women toxic is when she tries to get others to believe her unsupported facts of others. This is where the Heart of deceptions begins, I believe if you are saying you are a women who seeks after God's own Heart, you should not have that type of prejudice inside of you because as we all know we should not try and judge people for actions we cannot prove. Nor should we be trying to pass judgment against our sister because we must remember how we too ar not as perfect as we think. You are very correct, a Virtuous Women does not possess nor adapt to such behavior! Her vision should be to help and rebuild the women not help tear down her sisters! I really enjoyed your message and Thank you for putting us in check!