Saturday, February 18, 2012

BaTe Or MaTe?

This is a Call to the Emergency Line...... For Another Virtuous Women.......

   911 to HER rescue,  for another Virtuous Women  who is waiting for her ring..............................


 Sad as it may appear, day after day many Virtuous Women are being led astray and are in need of God's Rescue...  Why? Because they have been told it's better to wait around for the Ring, thanWait on GOD for A Mate!!

Yes it's true! Many of Our Women are in relationships, with men who have been making all types of promises that have not yet ever came to pass. Year after year, though her girlfriends,family and Co-worker's urge her to move on with her life, and let that Zero go, she continues to pat her foot at the alter.

Every dream of him and her at the alter is merely delayed by false promises and the only one is truly benefiting from the arrangement is HIM. His story is none other than the so called "Provisions" plan he is so call making to ensure them a prosperous future. Wow, How many times have we heard that one without ever seeing the manifestations of the provision! lol......

Is this the kind of man you wish to MARRY? are you willing to get married to a person who can take up to several years to make one Decision? Do you really have to be rich before you marry?

If you are in this category of Women, You need to tell him the "Waiting game is OVER"!!
I have so many friends who have allowed themselves to settle for men in which they had
nothing to offer them but passion. And even though passion feels good,But it doesn't pay the bills,and will never fully satisfy a relationship! It's only meant to last for a moment... After the moment it ends, you are back to where you begin!

It only leads you back without a ring! Huh.....

Does this sounds like anyone you know?

Many women can relate because SHE has been in this position by far too many times! Infact, Many Women have begin to believe the many stories about the MARTIMONY BED before SHE Weds! She have come to a notation that she better know what she's getting before she signs on the dotted line. Not so Funny huh, but after she takes the bate she still ends up without a mate!

Too many women are falling for the bate, They are allowing themselves to be bated in by their men and all his string of promises! Everytime she finally gets enough of air to resuscitate he bates her back in all over again. Funny thing what keeps her waiting is the Hope he'll finally give in an Marry her someday.

 Now, I will not say she'll never get her Ring, But I will say this She may have to wait a number of years, before she get the ring she may have could have been wearing by then. Even if  it wasn't the man she extended it to be from. There are times when a Women must began to count the cost of her Sin. She cannot allow a man to bring her life to a tragic end.

There Is A Big chances by the time you receive the ring, it's not worth, what you will receive in the end. You may do better to walk away and Wait on The LORD to send you who your heart has longed for.

Though I cannot offer solid advice,because each scenario may be different, but it's clear if you are in the waiting game, you better be clear to what you are getting for the bate Many women have come to the very end of a totally dysfunctional relationship and have learn that they do not even LOVE the man and will still marry him and risk a chance at True Love.

Then when Her marriage becomes impossible to be in, she uses her problems and pains against, the very people in the beginning who advise her to wait. Does this sound like anyone you know?

I don't want to throw the HAY at anyone, but it's clear that many Virtuous Women are being played like never before, some are very Bless to escape some of the pitfalls which was trying to overtake them, but there are still numerous of them that are being destroyed daily.

What is a Solution?

Virtuous Women, are under the attack of the enemy, she must learn which territory is her own.  If you are for GOD be for GOD, If you are for the World than be for the World. You cannot afford to stand in the middle. If she continues to leave her position without  GOD's Protection she will be slaugther by the attack.  If you are looking for Love, Look no further, GOD's Love supercedes a relationship which is built with false promises!

Learn how to get to know who YOU are, that is where it begins! Take the necessary steps to built a relationship with YOU. Learn what it is that will make you satisfied with you! I believe the best way to begin to be in a relationship with yourself, is by being in a Relationship with Christ!  He will begin to show you the real person inside of you and not only the shell your soul lives in. He will also reveal and heal your past hurts and pain, and give your life new meaning again!

Read your Word, for it teaches us how we must conduct our ways,thoughts and position. It's shows key applications to what will happen and what will not happen if we do not abide in his word. Each Story is a dialogue to strengthen your faith for each challenge. Although it may not be so easily to understand in the beginning but as you use the reference and text it shall continue to encourage and strengthen your faith for Spiritual Maturity and Growth.

Words to Women........

Women can have what they say, they can have a house,car,fine jewelry,beautiful clothes, spa day's, getaways, retreats, and for some they can have Men and Children before they wed, but what's most important is that they understand the responsiblities which lye ahead of their choices. Make decisions which are not only a quick fix to a temporary problem, but is the answer to a long lasting future.

                         It's Your Choice to take the Bate or Wait....................................................

I hope this encourage Women to look within themselves before making a lifelong decision....If you enjoyed what you've read come and join us as we discuss many different topics and feel free to post your comments!

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  1. This rings true for young women. (Pardon the pun) Nature created us with high sex drives in our 20s & 30s when a woman is at top physical peak to mate and reproduce. However society, culture, media and even the church pushes women to think that the only ideal or the highest elevation is marriage and children. Unfortunately many women find out too late those two options are not for them. My advice to young women is to know thyself and to thine own self be true. Marriage and children are not meant for everybody. You can be fulfilled in singleness. I know it's easy for me to say because the onset of menopause has long cooled my sexual ardor. However as I look back on my life I'm glad I took the time to travel, get my education, enjoy the various careers I sort of fell into. Life is good. I've never really lacked for male companionship and I've no regrets in the pathway I choose.

  2. Thank you Dancing Palmtrees for that message, We have to always from time to time adjust our lens, because we are living in a different type of society, In our 20's-30's the world as we knew then didn't have so much deception and many could make mistakes and grow from them. But face it everyone is out for their own hidden pleasures and with the many of Women who lack a faithful, God fearing mate, who will be what the scriptures speaks about, it has made women question what is Good and what is considered Bad. Many Mid-Age Women who is still seeking to be helded and grow old with someone are just as vulnerable as the young. Many are on the dating scene to find love as well. So many women throughout our generations have been seriously left depressed,beat down and confused from this terrible abuse in which have been shown from the actions of deception. Thank you for allowing other women to know that yet many women would like to be married but it's not a bad thing to be Single and free. I always say you must learn to love who you are before someone will show you love in return.