Saturday, August 27, 2016

Empty Space

Waiting Patiently
Filling That Empty Space With God

Empty spaces revolve around us making the most with all that space that can be filled.
Just because one is lost does not mean one can't be found.

Many times our thoughts are focused on the many mistakes we've made other than all the accomplishments that were made. Certainly you have to push back the doubt that plagues your brain
A empty space is never a wasted space it'just means it's time to add new stuff into that empty space.

Many women young or old have lost that desire to wait patiently until they can fill that empty space.  They are told by family and friends a space that is empty is a space that may never be full. See child I had to put out my old luggage and as you can see I still hold that same key to that same empty space.
Immediately fear come upon you when you witness their empty space.

But God will always covert a small space into a bigger space over time by filling your space with positive gifts and surprises that you never thought that could ever fill that empty space.
 In life we are responsible to fill our own empty space.  See no one can ever arrange that space better than God and us because no one can predict what you will need to fill your own empty space.

Perhaps your space is empty for sometime does that make that space less attractive because it's still just a empty space to you or can you learn to enjoy that space because it's just will be empty for a short while before someone is willing to occupy your empty space.

Just because a space is not occupied it doesn't mean it can't be used by God.

                                                                                                             Written by K. T.

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