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WiLL I JuSt GoT tO Be FRee............

        Well Guest "Who" I Have today from the Past Another Oldies but Goodies!
                          "Stephanie Mills" and her song: "FREE"

    I want women to know, it's okay to declare your freedom, many women feel that if they are not with a man it's a problem with who they are, but that's not really the truth!  Sometimes we have to be a little selfish and be F_R_E_E  from everything that can hold us back and stop us from moving forward in life.  I am not saying that a Man isn't an important factor but if a woman is alone it's completely okay to live and enjoy your freedom without a man by your side.
    It has been times in my own life, when I myself chose to be Free other than being in a relationship, mainly because I didn't feel I had the right person in which I would have been willing to sacrifice my time in order to fulfill a positive relationship. Do I regret it No, because If you know that there is something missing then why place yourself with someone you are not completely happy with!

                         Often times Women will opt for a person who they KNOW can never
make them remotely happy just to say they HAVE a man. But WHAT does the statement "I Have a Man" really mean Nowadays?  Is it he's the man in your life, with a commitment and not a bunch of drama or Is it he's the man you are having Sleeping Parties with?  We as women must understand what we want may not be what we are getting. If you are a women who really want a committed relationship, why do you keep going on endless boring dates? Stop saying things like well "Until Mr. Right Comes" I guess I will kick it with Sam, John, or Mark.  And If you are really sure about what you expect in a man why is it you can't take yourself off the market and wait? Let's Address this as well Sisters, Internet dating is still dating! Instead now you are dating men online other than meeting that same man from the streets so it does count even though many you will never meet. Also Many Women have declared they are not dating but still have a man they are in contact with SOMEWHERE on this planet.  Why do we as women continue to PLAY ourselves?
Or should I say why are we so afraid at the Ideal of being "FREE"?

  What does this word "Free" means not imprisoned or enslaved, not controlled by obligation or the will to another: felt free to go.

 Now the purpose of this Blog is to set the record straight about being "FREE".  Many women who are not in a committed relationship with their Male friends act like they are enslaved and imprisoned to that person while he is running around "Free to go".  This behavior is why many women are unmarried and are chained to a man who will never marry them.  I watched this happen to many of my friends and family they had the "HOLD on a Man syndrome" even when the straps had already burst right before their eyes.  I too have made this mistake but I didn't keep the man, finally I had to return him back to his inhabitation. I hope that if you are reading this blog you began to get the courage to welcome your FREEDOM!

 Freedom comes with many benefits, you can go and come as you please without anyone trying to stop and control you, you have all day to pick one thing whether your hair,nails,shop,wash clothes, take the kids places they probably haven't been only because you couldn't go with worrying about when he will be back, or if you tried to go he would call you or not call you and upset your whole day. You can pick a career,church,friends you want to be surround by instead of always having to do things he like or else you will be banded from alot of fun things you use to enjoy! You can also work on you and get some of your lifelong dreams accomplished where your family and yourself can begin to benefit from. Yes, you may have to give up the passion, for a moment but God will Bless your life in doing so.

 Now if you are with someone who makes you happy for the most part and you enjoy the balance you have in your relationship I don't encourage you to cut them off. But this is for women who are enslaved or imprisoned and have to be controlled by the person they love the most. Plain and simple, It's not a HEALTHY thing to ever love another person more than you love yourself or MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF because LIFE IS A GIFT FROM GOD TO YOU!  No person should be given that amount of Love to withstand a positive relationship!


* Both people are considered equal
* Both people expectations should be met by one another
* Both people are Committed to one another and not other people
* Both people intention is to help you and not harm you if you do something wrong
* Both people do take for grant you kindness,wisdom, and faithfulness
* Both people agree with each person need acceptable amount of space to pursue their own dreams
* Both people are supportive to one another
* Both people agree to each others life plan, such as child, careers, environment and lifestyles
* Both people respect and have release their past relationships, & friendships with ex's to remain civil
* Both people will take responsibilities serious, such as house work, cars, and share material goods
* Both people take care of the children whether working out of the home or in the home
* Both people are mature enough to raise the children in a sound environment without abuse
* Both people agree and respect the religious upbringing and doesn't hinder their beliefs

If you do not see any of this going on in your relationship you are in an abusive environment and you are being imprisoned and enslaved by another person.  Though for many this list can be continued  but this list really allows you to see why the relationship or friendship is going down the drain because it lacks structure. In everything we do God intended us to live in a structure environment where we can maintain and take care our families without the cares of this life.  Yes, He knows we will have trials and  tribulations and this shall be from the world and it's day to day agenda but it should not be within our homes we live in and if quarreling is their it shouldn't continue to disturb the home live it should cease after the problem is resolved. Our Children should have peace and not have to be a parent at twelve, because the adults are not able to maintain their own responsibilities.

   I recommend you listen to Stephanie Mills video "Free" because she only reminds us that it's nothing wrong with declaring your FREEDOM and making a decision to just be you! This is a right you was given and if you need time to do you, then do so and stop allowing your circumstances to imprison and destroy you!  May your choices lead you to your destiny and purpose here on earth.  Have a Wonderful day Everyone!

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  1. Very true. Women are often their own worst enemies. The buy into what society and the media tells them regarding womanhood. Just like most women I enjoy male companionship but sometimes it's just best to have men as friends not lovers. Having just any old man just to have one is like Superman and Kryptonite, a deadly combination. Women need to cultivate positive outlets in their lives. Find something you really enjoy doing. Art, writing, travel, sewing, running, walking, gardening are just a few activities to provide fulfillment. Then as you discover yourself as a woman, you will be ready as a helpmate to the man God wants you to be with. Also I thought about this song by Deniece Williams from the 1970s Free --