Saturday, January 28, 2012

HeR WoRdS...............

What is her Lango?

A Virtuous Women shares many languages among her peers! She also own many Hats she wear on a day to day bases. But the One Language she is very Familiar with is the ability to speak "Faith-Filled Words".  How did she learn to be so Captivating and So admired, through the principal of Faith-Filled Words!

If You are a Religious Person you already understand that there is Life or Death in power of your tongue (words)....

What may have took Two years, to build can all be crumbled in one day all by the POWER of words which comes from your mouth.

If you do not believe me, look around your world and see you only have the things in which you kept speaking them into existence. Many will say how is it the Virtuous Woman had everything? She knew how
to keep her house in order, she was a prosperous business woman, she was married to a man which adored her existence, her social skills were her assets,she cared for people less fortunate. She was a women who
recognized her words,were very Powerful and Very Key to how much she would be BLESSED. She used her words to get her in line for her Blessings!

She never was spotted telling her husband a piece of her mind, with her cigarette in one hand and her wine in the other. Now, here is the Humor...HA HA  (She may have wanted to set him straight) probably did, BUT it was not recorded. Her persona was how well she maintained her empire and how many was impressed because it was all accomplished by her hands,dedication and A WOMAN.

Many women of today's time cannot come close to her, because they will not be caught anywhere doing hard labor, really if it's cutting into her beauty rest. Most women get dress,go to work, pick up the kids, cook dinner and go to bed all over again. If your goal is to become a Virtuous women you must make some form of sacrifice to get you where you need to be. This doesn't mean going crazy by trying to over work yourself. But if there's a significant interest,dream or goal you have, maybe this is the time to pull it out of your closet and begin to ful-fill it!

It is clear not every women have the resources she had in order to speak her dreams into existence, but the bible say God has given us all the same measure of faith!  Your destiny awaits you, So what are you going to do about your dreams. Maybe you can do as the Virtuous Women did by allowing yourself to find you! Do something great this year. As you begin or continue to speak the Lan-go you will witness the power of  faith-filled words!

I hope you are Inspired to get your dreams
out to this existence. If you are struggling
with a promise TRUST GOD, for he never

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