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Is SHE every MAN's Dream or HIS Promise

Is The Virtuous Women Consider Every Man's Dream or His Promise......

 As a women begin to pray for her husband she expect her husband to cherish her and not treat her as his own possession. In the early days of courtship it can be easily determined if she's a  fantasy of his or is she his promise. Most men will tell on themselves. If you are a very caring,tidy,compatible,flexible,sports junkie,reliable,easygoing,easy to talk to,independent,financially stable and Attractive. Most men will say this once they learn more about you, you are "Every Man's Dream".

If you hear this, beware. Because a Virtuous Women do want a man who will cherish her. But if her heart is devoted to God she want to know that it's a little bigger than a man's fantasy. Why you ask? Because a man's fantasy girl, he will get over, but a women in which he waited for who was a promise, he will not be able to live without. It's easy to date a man who is infatuated with your beauty and your corky ways and smile, but it takes more for a Virtuous Women to be impressed.

She is a Women who already knows her own self worth therefore she is looking for something deeper than just the ordinary hook up. She's not desperate about who she will married because she already knows No man can compare to her Father. He can only be the example of Christ as the bible suggests for him to be!

                           "Husbands, Love your wives as Christ so Loved the Church"

This means he should see her as his gift from God. A promise to cherish her and cover her all the days of their life. This is what a Virtuous Women expects to know not just hear. She really only want what God has desired for her. Actually, She is not so spiritual that she is not attracted to a man, but she have settled it within herself.  How,What and Who he is,  God choice and not her own. So if your looking for a Virtuous Women Men, you better be ready to treat her right because she don't want just a MAN. She will require all of the man.

That is why many married women fall out of love because they feel like a possession than a promise. Women talk like Men do and the last thing she want to see is her friends husband being
respectful,caring,understanding,loving and faithful when her husband is the total opposite. If her focus is to be married to a God fearing man that she's eagered to tell women about her husband. She will resent him for not being caring and loving,non-sensitive to her needs, and she always have problems with him. She will feel cheated instead of cherished.

Men can tell the difference between a Fantasy, or a Women of Promise. If she is God sent he will treat her with the respect like she deserves because when we all get a GIFT we really want we tend to cherish it. When he also thinks of the women of his dreams it mainly means a women who can do everything he wants. But when he think of a Women of Promise he thinks of her as an equal and he compares how well she fits him because she was wonderfully made just for him. When she is around him her presence is like no other.  His attention is over joyed by everything she says and do. He pray that she will allow his heart to beat right next to his. 

Because it's the true nature of a woman to be cherished by her mate. She is truly happy, her heart leaps with joy because he's the one that notice her every move. He's courtesy to her and he'll listen to her long life story over and over until he give her a new story to tell. It's a Love Story if you could not tell............

A Virtuous Women who have waited for her husband want to know he waited for her. She also is concern how many others he's felt strongly about because she only want to know that she was His prize. She also want to be spoken highly about so that others can know how much she is appreciated and she would not settle for anything less. She want to feel special with him, and to him. She want to be his priority outside of Christ being his First priority.

Maybe it's safe to think like this "When a Man see's his promise, his see's a good thing".  When a Man he see a fantasy or dream women he see's a Good Time. Sometimes a Good Time turns out to be a Good thing. But rarely a Good thing turns out to be only a Good Time. If you are A Virtuous Women, do not settle, You can get what is required of him because you have just what he wants. And you shall always be every man's dream or promise.

Question :
              Do you see yourself as a Good Thing? If so, You are his Promise and not just his dream!

                             Women want to know she is not a Dream, she his Promise.............

If you are a Man who is Married tell your wife she is the Promise that he always dreamed of. She will begin to see her relationship from a new prospective.  God shall give you a promise and not only a dream. For what good is your dream if you could not ever obtain the Promise..  If she is your promise, you will never let her go. But If she is a dream, once the dream is over you will let her go!

I hope that this inspires you to Look for the Promises of God and share the dream with one another.

By: Sisterhoods Bookclub
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