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SHE was TRuSt WoRthY............................

Our Topic is introduced The Proverbs31 Women,

We are exploring her character, What is so amazing many women love to reference themselves to a Virtuous Women, but her Id does not match even by a few of the Proverbs 31 Woman's ways.

I am not trying to condemn anyone but your actions will always speak louder than your words! No Matter how many times I am given these scriptures to openly express the Characteristic of the Virtuous Women, I will always begin with this one attribute "TrustWorthy." This trait is that one part
of many women in our today's society that is rarely seen.  Why, mainly because of her circumstances and situations they've been attached to. If you are going to be getting your feet wet, and believe it's time to look at yourself as a canditate for change, you must understand this,  "A Women who lacks Good Moral Characteristics Can not be Trusted"

Scripture read this, Her Husband put his trust in her freely, Wow.....

Our Society does not value trust, because we already know, not many people or not trustworthy in the beginning. And I don't want to send the wrong message about trust either, But the facts are what they really are, I too find it very hard to trust someone.  But the word TrustWorthy refer's to one's self attributes.....

Many women today say why can't I find and keep a good man?  Are you a TRUST WORTHY women? Can he place his life in your hands? Can he look to you to help him? Unfortunately, so many women  are so dependent on a Man, that when he needs her she cannot be that to him. She may have been emotionally and physically abused  and that's why she cannot be his support but many women  by nature are loving and caring but this doesn't means she's A trustworthy women. Eventhough, Many Women are still trying to figure out who they are,God is who build this in us as a human being,and you either have this quality or you don't. And a Man who is looking for a Wife will want this quality to be present when it's needed. 

What is Trustworthy? A trustworthy Women should be dependable and able to take orders and follow them through carefully and completely. She should be confident and complete that when she is given a task it will bring success and everyone will benefit not just herself and people will witness the power she has over her relationship!

Women fail the Test to "LISTEN" which is the test all MEN give! He will test your Honesty,Trustworthiness & Faithfulness... You can rate yourself, but you should ask yourself these question to see if you are passing or failing miserable.

Are you a Honest person?
[] All the time       []Some of the times        []only when it's necessary

Are you A Dependable person?
[] All the time         []Some of the times    []only when it's necessary

Are you a Faithful Person?
[] All the time       [] Some of the times    [] only when it's necessary

Why did he trust her freely?
Plain and simple, She was so darn,dependable and her confidence was built by God to show if a women practice the art of Listening she will rarely have problems with her husband, Scriptures went onto say that he trusted her not because she never did anything wrong but because she never tried to do anything to hurt him all the days of his life. Many Women are different now days, if a man make a mistake she will hurt him and quickly! Instead of walking away from him, and allowing him to see how empty he is without her. Men have done alot of Bad things to women,and I do understand why we do what we do, but we as women have a responsiblity to take care of us as well. And A Virtuous Women will not allow a man to walk all over her and he will be who she needs him to be or she will move on with her life!

If you are looking for Love, Stop!  Let Love find you.  How? By your ability to be honesty,trustwworthy and faithful to the man who needs these qualities you offer. Pray that GOD will send you who you need as well as who he needs in you!

You may be still single because you need to grow to be who he may need you to be. So I hope you are granted your hearts desires!!!

I hope you are inspired to see yourself the way God see's You...

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