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What is Her WORTH..............

What is a Virtuous Woman's Worth?

Biblical Scriptures expounds on her Worth in Proverbs 3:15-18

Read: " She is more precious than rubies, And all the things you may desire cannot compare with her. Length of day is in her right hand, In her left hand riches and honor. Her ways are ways of pleasantness, And all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to those who take hold to her, And happy are all who
retain her."

The scripture mentions, her rubies but the context refers to Godly Wisdom which also shows if a Women of Virtuous is considered a Women of Wisdom in her teachings she will enjoy long life,wealth, honor, peace and pleasantness while in her presence and she will offer life to those who need her and will make always a bad situations look hopeful.  Is this you?

Today I would like to state a Woman of Virtue is a Woman who not only holds strength but she too can be considered a woman of wisdom. Yet she has alot to be grateful for but by the same example she has been through alot in most cases.  I am speaking of Women who have experienced life before learning her virtuality
was a key requirement in order to learn to live and value a virtuous life.

Many Women in our Modern Day Society can no longer identify with being a completely Virtuous Woman. Because society only emphasize on Virtuous when a Woman have not lost her Virginity. And if she is a Virgin she is in a class of her own. But if Women in this day, begin to understand the biblical prospective they too can learn how to substain themselves before marriage, and envision themselves with the same benefits as to the Virtuous Women they have heard about for many years.

Because of the lack of practical teaching and acceptance many women have lost the battle and have given up on finding their way back from such sin. They are more happy to report it's just a myth than a reality.

Scriptures offers the rebuilding of the women who have no vision or who have lost her vision. It also offer spiritual principles in which shows how she "Shined above them All."

So this brings us to Process:

God is a God who forgives,,, He knows our mistakes and he offer his Salvation to help change the minds of people. As he offer change he also offer instruction for a positive outcome. If a Women in his day and time would like to preserve her Virtuousness she must allow the Creator to equip her with enough of basic skills to pattern her walk in this day and time.

This means, she must cling to spiritual teachings, which in most cases it offers purity. She must be a Women who values the biblical beliefs but this does not permit her to be considered perfect. It only allows her to regain her own purification which will grant her own virtuality back.

If you have already began the healing process you are on your way to becoming a Virtuous Women in our Modern day Society. If not, I will share Ten ways to begin this process.

1.) Forgive Yourself
2.) Forgive Others
3.) Ask for forgiveness,repent and Seek Godly Wisdom
4.) Read your Word of God, And Spiritual Teachings
5.) Study the Text of a Proverbs 31 women and research her character
6.) Place your Desire of who you want to be in Gods Hand
7.) Enjoy who you are, and not who people say you are
8.) Pray over your future and every aspect of your life
9.) Interact with others who are living productive lives in which you seek to live
10.) Stay Positive, Faithful and Holy Before the Lord

With everything we learn there is always room for self improvement. Sometimes we as women tend to not believe we are entitled to living a fruitful and respectful life. We tend to give up to soon before help comes our way. But there is still hope after making a Bad Choice or Decision. Try and look at it this way, had you not had any of those experiences you could not appreciate God's Gift to you to make you over as a Virtuous Women in our Modern day society. Remember, there is still great Beauty and Blessings for Virtuous Women.

I hope you become inspired.....

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