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What is SHe Thinking.........

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What is She Thinking?

In our Modern day society there are many women walking around believing that if they take anything they will receive an awesome reward. They fear greatly,they will be alone, and for some they have made it there life's mission to find a man who will take care of  them instead of waiting on the Lord.  I have watched many lower their standards for company. Now, before we judge them I have seen it work for some and fail miserable for others. Perhaps for the one's who did make it, their standard were too high in the beginning and for the one's who did their standards weren't high enough. It's hard to look around at many Women
who have sunk into a mindset that they themselves cannot redeem themselves from. And the rest is either confused or saved. The lesson in which we have to learn if we are going to overcome all the madness is this we cannot get good result from bad thinking! It will and does not work that way! This is why so many have given up and have surrendered there thinking to this world.

                    They are no longer Fans of Christ, but are Fans of this world...................

In the Mind of The Carnal Woman:
She begins to believe the waves and movements of this world. Nothing has to be proven only as long as
the world is doing it, she'll immediately adapt to it. Her friends are built from people of her pass and people
she varily know in her present state, but she has no problem with calling them her friends before understanding if they are actually worthy of her friendship. Not that she's too good for them, but she fails to wait to see if they can be truly trusted. Self gain is her agenda, she's only worried about herself and will misuse many for her own glory.

In the Mind of the Virtuous Woman:
In most cases she have already been resurrected from this world, this means she used to think as the carnal woman but GOD showed her HIS truth! She no longer or have never been a woman of comfort and will not allow the eyes of the world to control her nor tie her down. Her purpose always awaits her. She have (and this is so true) very little people she can count on, because she aim to always get the job done. And she have given up friendships for sisters who usually will be her back bones in her time of crisis and need. Not that she don't have friends she just don't place a price ticket on her friendships, she knows people will come and people will go. And she have recognized her only true friend is Christ, her walk with him is individually in order for her to grow to her full potential in him. She gives her time freely when needed and helps by means or suggestions.

The World in which we live in  have been kidnapped by the aliens of this world of Lies! ManyWomen thinking has changed from that sweet girl next door to now that sexy woman down the street. She have left her veil, at the altar, and her crown in the pulpit. She have lost her connection with the True Vine. And Yet she tries to seek him, he was replaced the GOD of  splendor, For the help of man. ALL because it's said, "GOD" takes too long to give them what they believe they can have now".  Did you know Virtue is lost where sin abounds?

It's been said that AVirtuous Woman have lost their rank to the Modern day D.I.V.A's. Though many  Women of Virtue have embraced the Diva Attributes, does not mean that many have signed the full contract.  I believe there is a limit in which style,flair and fashion shall stand. Just because you like the fashion does not make a Women a Diva. If so, Many women like Sarah,Esther Ruth and more would have been considered a D.I.V.A other than A Woman of Virtue. They was described as women who was virtuous and took good care of the appearance as well as their household. I also believe a woman's beauty ranges far beyond the clothes, hair and makeup. Her innocence and her beauty is captivating because she's learned how to reserve her youth through Christ and she does have to compare herself to the modern day D.I.V.A's because she is in a class of her own.

Women of Virtue is making a Come back everyday! Lot's have been freed from the bondages of this ever fading world. The Proverbs 31 Woman reminds us, We do not have to forget some of the older traditions
in order to live in a prejudice society. Beauty is skin deep! A Women should be "comfortable in the skin, she lives in". True beauty still and shall represent who we are and not what rank we hold. If you are looking for
that Virtuous Woman inside of you, Look deep enough she is still there embrace her from time to time and she will begin to shine.

What is your view on the Virtuous Woman vs. the Modern Day D.I.V.A?
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I hope you were inspired to Embrace your true beauty......

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