Friday, January 20, 2012

There are many Virtuous Women......

When I think about the likely characteristics of A Virtuous Women,

I think about My Mother,Sisters,Friends, & Myself. I know Many Women will say the same!
It is not only by my words in so many ways every women have the ability to be considered a
Virtuous Women in this day and time. Let's look together over the definition of a few words.

What is the definition of the word Virtue?

Definition:  vir-tue
                  Noun:  1. Behavior showing high moral standards:"paragons of virtue".
                             2. A quality considered morally good or desirable in a person.

If you look over this one word, if you are a spiritual person, you can see how you are attached by your character alone as a women of virtue.

Now let's look at the word Virtuous!

Definition: vir-tu-ous
            Adjective: 1. Having or showing high moral standards.
                            2. (esp.of a woman) Chaste.
Again, this word gives relevant thought of a spiritual person with high moral standard.

Finally, How is AVirtuous Woman defined!

It's definition is attached to her High moral behavior, and her virginity, (dictiionary format)

 Proverbs 31:10-31

  GOD expresses her willingness,to be: Caring,Respectful, Loving,Considerate,Humble,Hard  working,Family-oriented,Clean,Cooks,God fearing, Business 
minded,Seamstress,Faithful,Trustworthy,Supportive to her  husband,Confident and Praise worth. This what the Modern Day Virtuous Women is looked upon.

The Scriptures, does not speak of her virginity, mainly because GOD displays her as a Married women, who already had these attributes before entering into a marriage. Because of her unique qualities this is what made her stand out far above the rest. While she was yet a single women she learned how to be a good steward over her money,a women who was willing to save herself from this world and sin,she remain hopeful and focused, faithful and committed as GOD made her readily for her husband. He gave her gifts and talents to substain her while she was single so that she could care for herself without a man. GOD ultimately showed her when she was ready for marriage because he had perfected every area of her beam. This is what made her radiant...

He was amazed how organized and independent but not self centered she was. He admired her ability to raise their children with so much love and nuturing without screaming and threatening to leave him with the children. And he appreciated how well she valued the fact that she wanted to contribute to their marriage not only with her time, but also by her own material goods, and talents. But what made her an awesome women was because she never lost in touch with her spirituality and relationship with GOD just because she was married. He seen her ways were truly committed unto GOD and he could firmly trust she would remain faithful to Him.

 If you are a Single Woman, She is your example, if you want to earn the heart of your husband follow in her ways. Stop allowing yourself to believe that the only thing a man will notice is sex. This is what he will want. But you shall determine if he shall get it from you. And when he see that  he's getting a women who is well-rounded he will appreciate that much more.

For so many years, Single Women believe they have to be better than the next women, It's not true! You just be the best at what you do! And a good man will find you and appreciate what it is you have to offer.

"Good Men and Good Women are not hard to find, maybe we are looking in ALL the wrong places,for what it is you need."

 I hope this inspires you, to keep your head up! You are Worthy to be praised all you "Virtuous Women."

By:Sisterhoods Bookclub,
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