Wednesday, February 8, 2012

ArE yOu the NeXt IT GiRl?

Do you ever find that people are always watching you?

Have you thought you may be that next  "IT GIRL"? It's been a known fact that everytime a Virtuous Women comes on the scene she is automatically ridicule by the other women who will usually try to hate on her, hoping she will finally move on.

So many times in my life, I had alot of women hating on me. If it wasn't the clothes i was wearing, or the way I styled my hair, or the Men who liked me, or my career, or the home i lived in, or the car that i drove. Someone was always watching me, and it all made many very mad enough to try and disturb my peace.  But one day it came to me, May be you are a "It GiRl".  I didn't like the sound of that at first, because I didn't want to lead anyone, unless I knew where I was going . But a"'It Girl" is a a God fearing Women who many wish to become but will never make the necessary choices to become her. She strive to do well, and doesn't turn her back on the people who needs her the most. She is beautiful inside as well as outside.  Learn more about what makes her become the "It Girl"

Read the letters and decide are you the Next "IT GIRL"..............

I- Intelligent


I began to understand this about my own God given talents," I was created to be Intelligent, with a Terrific and Godly spirit who have Integrity because I am Respected and Loving"....
By: K.Thomas

Can you say this about yourself? If so, you meet the criteria to becoming the "IT GIRL"
If not stay with us and find out how you too may become the next "IT GIRL"

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  1. Good to See you Paulette Harper Johnson, I believe you are a "IT GIRL". Many Women are and have no ideal who they are. I remember all throughout my childhood people making fun of me and they was mainly girls, Do get it wrong I had alot of friends and people who liked me, but it was always those who was trying to stop me from being "Who" I was created to be. But as always, I overcame those people and God revealed to me, Something about me was different from the inside,looking outward to people. They didn't know why I looked that way to them so they wanted me to go away! Who is that "IT GirL" she is a Christ-Centered Woman. Thank You for being One of the Hundreds of "IT GIRlS" Maybe if we all come together we can break the cycle! Thank You for your Support.

  2. Well I'm a little too old to be an It Girl but I'm an It Woman!

    I agree with everything that you said and experienced Hating & Bullying coming from other women. I've been ridiculed because I stand by my upbringing, values & morals. I would never go against my standards. I got over people a long time ago.

    At my age I don't really care what people think of me. Funny as time goes on the things that used to bother me or be a temptation no longer are. Women tend to be very jealous creatures and if their life isn't right then they want to carry you into their mess. That's a sign of insecurity. I feel no need to compete with other women over careers, clothes, looks or men.

    To me if you're still thinking the same way in your 40s & 50s as you did in your 20s problem. Call me old fashioned but I'd rather wear that title instead of constantly trying to fit into the world. Chastity and purity of action are wonderful things.

    As I get older it becomes more important to me to be and stay a Proverbs 31 Woman.

    Beauty Adorns Virtue. {Virtutem forma decorat}

  3. To: Dancing Palmtrees,
    It's not easy being the it Girl! Even though many will pay so much attention to who you are, but so many will try and ridicule you for having Good values. They act like everybody should take upon there beliefs and it's up to the person to make a individual stand for what they believe in. Like you, I have no time for competing against others, My life is full with everything I have worked hard to get done. So my goal is to encourage everyone to conquer their own dreams as well. I appreciate you comments may God Bless You!!