Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello to My Followers........

This is a Shout out to My Followers and Friends!

We are approaching Valentine's Day and I want to start our Journey off in the Right Spirit! If you may not already know I am a Writer and I enjoy expressing Women views and Life Issues. My Goal is to set the record straight about the Virtuous Woman. I would like to Invite you to Join and begin to have fun as we explore the Virtuous Women's Life. If you need a new outlook on where  "IS SHE", the Virtuous Women inside of you, you have found the right place.

I may make you laugh,cry or get mad but if you are touched by what you have read, I want to hear from you!

Question: Are you lonely? Depressed or Sad? If so, please follow us, As we explore the emotions of the Virtuous Woman.


                                          "Sometimes it's not about what you don't have,
                                                         it's about what DO have".

Thank you, Jesus for your everlasting Love..........

Sincerely Yours,
Sisterhoods Bookclub,

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