Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Heart Goes out to YOU........


  As I look around my church and among many of friends I see the pain and fear we all tend to plague our hearts! So many Women are feeling suicidal and are aborting their dreams and passion, because in many facets of their life, Life just doesn't hold that same beauty it once did!

 Many women are so desperate to finding and fulfilling the desires of their hearts. And living in fear that they will never enjoy these types of blessings so much that many are missing the sole intented purpose GOD created them, For his enterainment and purpose and not our own.  Everyday it seems as if another person is headed for the grave, because their life was tremendously scattered by failed promises and hopeless dreams.

We are in a Hour in which we must fight our way through. As Women who are Single, it's not that we can not be hopeful but We need to place our hope in Christ because he is everything and shall be everything to all of your problems. We cannot place much value on this world for it is forever changing with laws, people, human fralities and unrealistic behavior. For the Married Women, my thoughts to you are to remain faithful and intact to your husbands if you have been blessed to have a wonderful mate that is God fearing, not perfect. So many times we believe the Grass would be much greener than understanding all we need is to water our own field. Because you have been chosen to prepare,teach and provide for your family doesn't mean you are less exciting than others. If you remind yourself how wonderfully made the Virtuous Women appears you can see she was a women who possessed her Love from the inside, an didn't always have to be told what LOVE really is by her husband.

What is our Next Level, Women?

I strongly believe we must LOVE the skin we are in! Take charge to the things you can do to help you become more effective as before. If you are depressed take this time to step back away from all things in which are toxic in your life and re adjust your LENS! Do not begin to get caught up in ungodly rituals which can only alter your future.. Always strive to be that Godly Women in which God Created for her to do all, be all and love all starting with the Women inside of you!

Did you know you cannot be everything to everybody! You must first be caught working on yourself, learning how to identify who you really are inside, and learning to love all of you. Everyday you live you should be trying to correct the things that are visible to you that need to be changed for the betterment of you. Sometimes when things are broken in our past, it's because your past cannot bring forth the many new opportunities that lay and wait ahead of you.

Are you an Original or a Carbon Copy of Another Women?

Many women are captivated in the lives of other women in what they have, and how they are doing this and that, until they never see how much time the Enemy has robbed them of taking care of their own affairs for their lives. It's been on many occasions I felt led by GOD to change my circle of friends. Yet we built a tight friendship but our paths begin to change it's direction. What use to make sense, no longer kept the friendship pleasurable and friendly. God began to reveal the hearts and actions of some of my most closest friends. And even though those chapter end, mainly on the best interest of both parties, but New and Exciting Chapters begin!

A women should never try and be a Carbon Copy of another Women! GOD have a plan assigned Just For You! His assignment for you is to get your own work done and STOP trying to do others work for them. You have alot of potential in which you can only reach. You are made with different desires which will suits your future. So why spend unnecessary time, trying to become a better HER than YOU?

The Virtuous Women is a TRUE Original.......
Her interest and her thoughts of Who she is comes from the LORD! She doesn't really care about what others think of her, because she have learned to listen to her thoughts, and have recognized her own gifts,and is striving to become a better person on the inside as well as on the outside. She does not have time to be wondering around inside someone else's camp, Her Camp alone is very plentiful... Many Women who see her BELIEVES she has no problems, and her life is peachy clean, But if they only knew how much work staying on her knees before the Father and allowing him to correct her ways and actions, and trying to fulfil her destiny and calling they would see she's not a perfect creature. What remains to be different about her is she does not waste her precious time trying to live to be accepted by others, she have grown far past what other's think that she's more interested in what GOD thinks,see's and LOVE about her. Therefore, she have no time to be trying to keeping up with the "Kardashians".....

Are you hurting? Is your Life without Direction? Do you feel hopeless?

If you are hurting GOD is a Healer, If you lack Direction He is A Compass, If you are hopeless He is a Visionary.

Sometimes, Ladies all we need is to re adjust our Lens. Sometimes when it rains your lens get wet, and blurry. It makes you can't see what's up ahead, it makes all  the blind spots be unseen. It makes life look like there is very little meaning.  It makes what you use to see no longer exist. But You have the ability to wipe your Lens off and take new pictures and create new chapters for your life. If you place your trust in Christ he will bring New Light and New Hope to your future.He can do everything but fail you!

GOD Bless You all, For I hope that many of you will begin to adjust your Lens because everything you want and need is ahead of you and not behind you......

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