Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Chi-lites "Have you seen her"

Today's blog, is About have you seen her? Many People have gone into varies topics about the Life of the Proverbs 31 women, But Yet many claim to have seen her.

My Question have you seen Her?

I am a firm believer that when your steps are ordered by Our Righteous God he will make all things visible to you if you just look a little deeper.

As I began to write this Blog this song came to mind, I said I need to get it! Eventhough, for some it will point a character of a Women who have left her man, but his point can be argued. Why did he not see her? Maybe as he goes on to say he thought he had her in the palm of his hand, Well in the end he did not have WHO he thought he really had.

See I have learned over many years, many people see what they want to see, as well as some never see what they had until it's gone! He talks about seeing her walking down the street,at the park, and theatre.. but he still didn't see the girl he want. Isn't that how it is for the Virtuous Women in today's time. There are many reflections of her, but she's a very rare Woman. And even though Men and Woman try to see her, they also admit many cannot pretend to be her, and her presence cannot be replaced. Because she is unforgetable, when people see her they have to stop and take a look.  And if you are her and she is you, you SHALL BE MISSED!! When Men see you they see her. When Women see you they see her. How wonderful is that to be GOD's Show Stopper...

My observation of his song:
Maybe she too was that virtuous women, may be God remade her that she was undetectable and  noticeable. Maybe she was always around him, her scent of perfume, but he just couldn't see her. Because she was no longer who he knew her to once be!

Can you say people are saying this about you?

When we say to the world we are following the teachings of CHRIST, we are letting go the old her and
living in the NEW her. That person who everyone use to know actually doesn't live there anymore. Though you see her face, her spirit has changed and she is no longer that sweet girl you've once known. That is why she is hard to see.

She is no longer at the bar,club,or park. She's at prayer meetings,raising her children,working in ministry,at women conferences,preaching the gospel,working a job or running a business all to support the well being of her family. Her priorities have changed since the last time you seen her. She's God's Women not your Women. The reason why he just could not see her because he did not know where to look for her.

It's clear someone seen her, because she became someone's wife and mother. Many times we look for what cannot be seen by the natural eye, but only by the spiritual eye. If you are really looking for her, you will find her, She is not a ghost of the pass, She's a Godly Woman who cannot be found anywhere. And if you are struggling with becoming her Allow God to come in and show you she still exist.

You no longer have to be afraid what others will say about you because you already know you have that priceless quality that many women want but will not make the necessary changes to be her.

So my Question to you is "Have you Seen Her"?

I  Hope you are inspired to look deeper and enjoy who you are in CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD.....

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  1. Wow that's certainly an old song. Takes me back to my younger days. I see a Virtuous Woman every time I look in the mirror. Why because even with the numerous mistakes I make I refuse to back down from the excellent upbringing I received as a child. My parents though not church goers or religious trained me in the way I should go. They brought me up to be a proper young woman. Yes I had my wild times back in the 70s & 80s like most young people back then but I only went but so far because I could also hear my parents voices and see their faces when I was about to do something really stupid. As a woman I could use my sexuality in a negative way but I will not do it. I still don't understand my Housewives and Basketball Wives are gloried. I've seen most of these shows and even women around my age group are making complete fools of themselves. Get real Sisters. Men of quality of not looking for lazy empty headed sex starved bimbos. Weaves, makeup, fake nails, & fancy clothes are only putting a pretty face on a package full of corruption. Men want women with morals, Christian values and brains. I know because the man I'm seeing found me. And when he found me he wanted to know #1 where I stood with the Lord and #2 if we were thinking along the same lines in a scholarly intellectual intelligent manner.

    I love being a Virtuous Woman. I may not be perfect every day but I still to live according to Proverbs 31. Truly my price is far above rubies. In this day and age when women with Kardashian values are celebrated and elevated and those trying to live a pure and ethical life are constantly belittled, I choose to be a Woman of Character and Intellect. It has paid off in that even with all my flaws I don't back down from taking a stand for what is right no matter how much others may laugh at me, therefore I'm happy with myself.

  2. I am glad you found happiness, but the reason many women believe they have to be better than the rest, because they are in fear they will miss Mr. Right. Now I believe that you are who you need to be, but many of us need to focus on the betterment of ourselves. For some this may mean they may need to get more education,a Job,start a business,than trying to sell themselves to the highest bidder, When a women has to get a man to take care of her, it's not that she's in the wrong because that is a man key responsible, but what makes it bad is when she cannot bring nothing to the the table but her appearance. The Proverbs 31 Women was very talented. She allowed God to teach her to be the kind of God fearing Woman her husband needed. And she made him happy because she was Happy with herself. I do not see this type of Happiness in most marriages. Many people marry for convenience instead of for love.