Monday, February 6, 2012

Her oNe LaSt cRy...............

Her One Last Cry!

God speaks about the Virtuous Women who took care of her family and won her husband heart over by her willingness to stand by his side. She knew her position in her marriage and for that reason alone she stayed married! 

We as Human's take serious what we believe is fair and just, and in a society where there's so much sin,wickness and evil it can be very hard to trust anyone. You never know why people are sent to you but many people have motives, so most women in this day and time find it hard to trust anyone.

But the Virtuous Women Understood her mission. My example of the Virtuous women is not a woman who had never been touched by a man, she was one who had been in the world trying to find her way. She had a Cry that she wanted answered but everywhere she would go there was no one there to solve her problem. She went to church and no one could help her with her problem, the only answer they could offer was to encourage her to wait on the Lord!

She went to her family and friends Day after Day as she tried to seek a solution to her problem. And all they could offer is prayer.

Finally one day she said to the Lord, If I do not have the Answer to my solution I am fine without it, You know my Lord what is good for me and what is bad for me, You have allowed me to still live without it, though I thought it was your will that I have what you said was rightfully mine.

So she wiped her Last Tear from her eyes and went to bed. The very next day, she drove to see a friend who she would always go visit on this particular day of the week. He was a good old friend of her family and though he was in his late 60's she decided to be there for him since he had no friends to visit him at the home he was in. This day she ran her errands and had plan to stay for awhile because she felt the need of a close friend.

When she arrived she met the doctor at the reception area as she signed her name in. The Doctor Asked her is your name Judy she said yes, he said your are too late, he went onto be with the Lord. She was floored because she really needed to see his shining face. But again as she begin to cry, she could hear deep within the Lord had said wait on me, I shall renew your strength! So the doctor offer her kleenex to wipe her tears! She said  I must at least go and see him one last time, so the Doctor said to her I will permit you to say your last Goodbye's you may walk to his room.

As she enter the door she heard a sound coming from the bathroom but her friend was laying in bed
dead unto this world but alive in the presence of the Lord. She was hurt inside, so she yelled out who is that there in his restroom, suddenly the door open and she recognize the face of a wonder man she use to know. He and her lived near one another while growing up in as children. She said is that you
Bill? He said is that you Little Judy and she said it's me, oh my God, the two of them gave each other
a big hug.

He was glad to see her, his grandfather was the last relative he had alive, and now he was reconnected to his old friend which he always had a crush on. Judy felt the energy between the two of them while they were in high school but she never acted on what she felt. She went away to college and became a Journalist so she put her focus on her studies. She never married nor had any children and all she wanted was to meet her one true love.

Bill had never married but was a distinguished businessman who owned  several companies around the world. Even though his grandfather was ill he was the one who paid for his beautiful room in which his grandfather lived in once he could no longer care for him alone.

As they stood there holding one another it was a sign that two tears equal one heart's cry! Judy was sad but yet so amazed she had lost a friend and God gave her a Husband. Judy and Bill were married six months later and became pregnant with there first child name Gill on their honeymoon.

How many times do we come so close to giving up on everything we worked so hard for? We will seek God for many years, and then we can't take anymore. Just because it looks all so bad doesn't mean it will stay that way. Judy was due for a blessing but so was Bill he had always desired a wife who's heart was as big as his. Judy was in the right position to receive what God had just for her. She never would have thought that this one act of obedience toward this old friend would be the very thing that would have given her, her hearts cry!!!

Story By: K.Thomas

Virtuous Women are forever doing for others, when they are hurting themselves. One Act of Love, bought this Women her True Love.....

Never under estimate when and how God shall work through your pain!!!!

By: Sisterhoods Bookclub
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