Monday, February 27, 2012

DOn'T AsK My NeIgHbOr...........

                                      If Two People Love One Another, True Love can Blossom....................
If a Man really want to know what's on a Women's Mind he need to ask her and not THE  friends "SHE HANG AROUND"  and  Don't be A-F-R-A-I-D...........


Many Men, are afraid of "WHAT THEY SEE" in a Virtuous Women...  Because she doesn't look like any of  the women they usually date, and her ways are very different. But if you are Single and wish to date, you have to become wise. Wisdom will bring you a TRUE MATE..

Many women believe that if she throw herself on a man she will be able to win him over. WRONG!!!
If a Man is interested in you, He will ask about you? He will go to your friends, co-workers, family members
and neighbors and ask about your well being. Men are far more careful in choosing the right person whom he wish to date seriously than women are. He may be very noisy in your eyes, but men will never go into anything serious without checking it out first!

Women are the opposite, They will get into a relationship and ask questions later. This is WHY so many women become vulnerable to the prey of many men. It's Okay to still allow a man to show interest  in you first! Learn to stop rushing, you may find you can get more from him, than you think!

  Because Women always tend to put so much Trust in a Man. And try to dominate him by her trust in him.

Men not only Trust women, but HE wait to see if her words can be trusted!

There is a BIG difference................................................

If a Man is truly interested in you, He's going to ask around Who are you,What it is you do, And are you Involved with anyone at the time he is determining he may be interested in you. He going to ask around before he offers up his HEART TO YOU!

Why do Men ASK?
Men are always dealing with the truth about who HE is, who HE will be, And how this will Change HIM, for the better or for the worst. His perception of Happiness is selfish in the beginning in a women eyes, because in this day more women are very independent but HE will require her to depend on him, whether he has much or very little. HE will also require and amount of intimacy and loyalty even when he is not worthy of it from you.

Why Women don't ASK?
Women are selfish because they are dealing with the perception of  "MINE and ME".  They believe the have to have their own man, and they think more how they will look to their friends and the people they are around. They normally build their world around a family and is territory to what belongs to them. And They want people to see them a certain way. So they will not ask around until that man gives them a reason. For she is way more fearful she will find truth in what she finds!

LET'S Compare:
Men want to know up front,because they don't want to be deceived and Women don't want to know because many of them want to still believe in the dream of having someone for themselves and they believe that nothing is ever perfect for them. For it is very interesting how men will protect their hearts and women
who are not so wise will not.

This Woman tells this Man if he is Looking for answers about her, He should Come to HER.....
She is smart, she knows and hears from others her man is afraid of who she may be to him and what harm she may do to his heart because she knows he cares for her. But instead of asking her how she feel he ask her friends and people who know her, Does she care for HIM......

Then she tells him this, Don't Ask Her Neighbor, Come to HER......
She reminds him, that you may ask those who will tell you the truth about me and those who may lie. Just because I hang around them don't say they truly know how much I LOVE YOU!!

She also recognize that Doubt and Fear is his two friends. And urges him to come to her because she does know if she loves him. Many Women forget that a man values YOUR WORDS to HIM... If you lie to them without a good explanation he will began to doubt the women she is or may could have seen himself with. Therefore unless you are really truthful with your own feelings for him, then can he be able to be truthful with his for you!

Men are not fools, they can see if a women is playing them for money or for love, and He also knows that a women will tell him what he rather hear than what is true for many reasons.

Example: If she is a women who needs help with bills,and living expenses, she may not be remotely attractive to this man who helps her, but she will still give herself to him, because he can help her fulfill a need.

Too many women play games, just as men does! I am not ganging up on the Women, but if you are in it to Win it, you must just keep it real with him and yourself.

Some women have feelings for a particular man and just can't explain it to him! Never miss a Window of Opportunity, I personally would not put it on so thick, but know this, there are great ways to drop seldom hints!

Because a Virtuous Women, is a women who has to hold her grounds and remember that her perception of who she is may have been already tarnished by some of  her mistakes in her past. She may have been living a very wild lifestyle, but now that she's saved and may have changed. But know it's not always easy for people to forget the old you, and behold the new you. Only by living day by day what you preach will change the hearts of many.

I agree with this Lady, A real man will ask you! He will not knock on the doors of others to camouflage his own fears, It's perfectly normal for people to be suspicious because your heart is priceless. And because many people perception of who you can be shallow and incorrect. Sometimes, I've seen that the one's who are the closest to you may want to hinder you from being with someone who can really treat you special.

                  "Whether a Person Love you or not, It's best they truly know how YOU feel"

                   I really enjoyed this Blog because the Words of this song have stayed with me........

I hope this encourage people to take Love serious, and never play with anyone's heart.

By: Sisterhoods Bookclub
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  1. Thanks for posting this my Sisterhoods Bookclub, I love the Emotions and this song is so on point today.....CYA on FB! ~Namaste LadySilk

  2. Thank You A Poet Lady Silk, I enjoyed this song as well and find it to have been what we as women must remind our men, we are there for them if they want to know how we think! God Bless you for coming aboard, Invite your friends for God is getting ready to do a Marvelous Work in Women this year.....

  3. Truer words were never spoken. Women tend to view men as projects as though he can be "fixed" or "trained"!! Forget it. Like Flip Wilson used to say, "What you see is What you get!"

    You're correct in saying no one wants to be used. Everyone wants to be loved for themselves not for some potential or what they have in terms of material goods.

    Ladies have a choice: Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now. Make a decision.

  4. I totally must agree with your comment, For it's been the error of many women, is to try and fix what they believe is broken, But sometimes God will reveal what is wrong so that Women can make a conscious decision before entering all the way in!! Learning what is for you and what is not, is true Wisdom....

    Be Strong, My Sisters in the Lord with your choices.....