Sunday, February 26, 2012

He was hER rOcK and ShE was hIS rIb.............

HE was Her Rock and SHE was His Rib...........

    Women in our General Society have been swepted away by the Story Book Myth of the Knight and Shining Armour. May be this is for you!

     As a little girl she always dreamed of her prince. Then by fourteen she was introduced to the world of  Boys,and Friends. They were everywhere she went, and some was even her friends. One day she met "HIM" he became her savior and her very first boyfriend. Mom always said your still to young, this boy you met could only do you some harm. But she could not wait her friends cheered her on, His touch, and His Lips and the thought of a first kiss,but after a while that was it!

     Now she was Eighteen, all alone, planning her future because her last boyfriend was gone. She was hurt and a shame still trying to figure her life out. She had dated over the years, but no one special ever appeared. She and her friends always talk about this guy and that guy, planning to try and figure GOD's plan for her. Hoping some day she'd find her Prince, would he come to her on a white chariot or was this just a myth!

     She is  now 25 years old and many of her old friends have moved on, this time she was alone she found her a study Boo. He was more serious so maybe it's time to become a wife. She finally gets to wear his ring, Hoping that she'd never become single again. He chose her to be his wife, because he could see that this women would stand by his side. He felt her tears when she would cry, hoped some day that he would find her. He witnessed her Beauty inside out, this virtuous women had stole his heart.

      He knew when he met her they would be more than friends, HE would be her RocK, and SHE would be his RiB! The Love they shared was stronger than friends. Even though they would fight sometimes but God had a Plan that was bigger than them.  Her touch, her face and the way she wore her hair, No other women could ever compare.

     For he did not want to keep his relationship at the status of just being friends, He kneeled down on his knee and offer his ring. Because HE was her RocK and SHEwas his RiB! She became the mother of all his kids, she cooked and cleaned and made sure his palace was fit for a King.
   She would give him bathes and Wash his hair like a Kid, and at night she would make love to him, because HE was her RocK and SHE was his RiB!

   After a long life full of Love and sometimes pain, She never regreted her choice to accept his ring. It was clear that God knew her heart and gave her a Good man without a doubt. The Ring and the Kids was just apart of his plan, her patience and love had finally paid off. She was Blessed and so will you be, if you let the Lord give you, Your ROCK and then you will become his RIB!
                                                                                                                      By: K.Thomas

Message: Now if this touch you, leave me a comment after, you wipe your tears...
When we wait on God he never forgets our pain, He surprises you like never before because
his plan shall never end.

            I hope you are encourage women who are virtuous and who are waiting on true Love......

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  1. Thank You A Poet Lady Silk!!! Never forget the promises!! Blessings to all my Friends...

  2. Your columns are on point and have a very humorous bent to them. You have a comical way of getting your message across. Great for the young ladies still waiting for the Knight in Shining Amour. Young women stop waiting and get down to the business of living. If it's meant for you to be married he'll find you while you're at the business of life.