Monday, March 5, 2012

"RuBy vs.DiAmOnD"

Did you know a Ruby can be worth more than a Diamond?

Today as I begin to think of the True Worth of a Virtuous Women I begin to look over my Scriptures and I was able to notice that even though she was considered a Ruby, but she stood far above other rubies. My thoughts became how did she become a "BETTER RUBY".

I was challenged to speak about her because, as I attempt to deliver a message to the Virtuous Women she must first understand her Worth is not to man but to a RIGHTEOUS GOD, and So "HE IS". When you are a Diamond many will say "She considered a DIAMOND in the rough", This means she was considered the best in the bunch. She have a shine and glitter about herself, that many of the other beautifully cut diamonds just did not present. Although  she may have be skillfully cut as many diamond are, even though her craftsmenship, showed perfection but her clarity was not Radiant! Many men will  choose a Diamond over a Ruby because of the Glitter, But once he gets her home and have played with her he would have wished he chose a Ruby. Because she is skilled in many ways a diamond isn't. For she forever and not only until her glow no longer exist! Have you ever dated a Man and the relationship ended, and you seen him with another women later and once you seen, heard word of mouth about her, all you could say about her is WOW?


When a Virtuous Women is presented to her man and to other that is the affect she carries! Because she is a "RUBY" not a diamond. Get that correct! Though she may not sparkle in the same way as a glittery diamond but when you see her finish it's of  Splendor and Royalty!  Many who spot her knows she is in a class all by herself, and they can always tell her difference because of the Color she radiates, because she is  a blood sacrifice. Her Flair,Charm and style radiates and shine far above all the diamonds and other rubies in any room. Her beauty reflects the Covenant of A Holy Sacrifice with her Creators finish. Her worth always hold a Sentimental Value, which never loses it's Worth! And She the (RUBY) is always placed in the Center of many diamonds and stones.

What makes the Ruby better than a Diamond?

Ruby holds and possess many different qualities that Diamonds do not possess. She is a smart,trustworthy friend to them who need her. Her relationship with God is not only held on a Sunday but throughout her week she keeps his ways and decrees always present before "her own".  She does not try to out shine another ruby because she allows her God to make her into the finishing stone of his choice. Not many women can say they have surrender themselves totally unto Christ without trying to imitate other diamonds Instead of  allowing CHRIST  to make her a better RUBY himself.

 " Although "Marilyn Monroe", states a "Diamond is a Girl's Best friend",  May be She was never informed that a "RUBY" was the Blood between His own Sacrifice!

For her song,became the means to many women pleasure, the her glow lost it's true essence... Because a RUBY does not hang out in a Rough, For her beauty is Embedded in the Rough. How many diamonds can leave that kind of finish?

The (RUBY) Workmenship which is always placed in the preparation before her entrance must always be sculptured into beauty because she is that one stone that offers that rare quality of "Royalty".

GOD particularly speaks of the Ruby because it's through her workmenship you can presumble her beauty! That is what makes her so special, HIS Workmenship on the "Virtuous Women Daily". As she rise to partake a new day GOD's heavenly presence in her life, His hands,His thoughts are always surrounding her beauty! She is being shaped,crowned and finished with many forms of his wisdom. He teaches her not to settle to be just another ruby but allow your "WORTH" and Standards to shine higher than other plain old rubies. As she allow HIM to cut,shape, and crown her she begin to notice her finish is far more radiant than her friends and sisters because she's been Cut from a different Angle

THEY who see her eyes are amazed by her beauty and qualities she possess because her finish shows life long abilities placed on the inside of her. When she is around other rubies, and diamonds she stand out far more, not saying that they don't hold their own glitter, But they can tell she is His Bride of His Royalty.
Many rubies and diamonds tend to hate her flow of radiance wherever she goes. They will make it hard for her because she will out shine them everytime. She lights up any dark and dim room, and many will say she a snob, but her Father have placed her worth far above many other rubies because of the brilliance and work he put into her before presenting her before a crowd.

My Question to YOU, ARe you a RUby or A DiAmond?
Do you have that rare quality that radiance as a RUBY? or  Do you Shine so Bright that while others look at you over and over your radiance loses that DIAMOND Glow?

             "Diamonds may be a Girl's Best Friend, But A Ruby is a Girl's True Love"

Perhaps, Today you will begin to seek GOD like never before, May be you do see yourself as a Diamond, But you have to ask yourself is a Diamond in a Rough good enough?  How do I know which am I? GOOD question, A Diamond will always be Jealous of  The (RUBY) not rubies! So if when you see or spot a (RUBY) and you find your face turning all different types of ways, because  her presence is so radiant, and you can no longer stand it, "You are a "Diamond".  IF You are a "Ruby" You don't mine if a Beautiful Diamond is present because Diamonds radiates from the head (RUBY). For her Beauty is not shown only on the outside but if you look deep the essence of her True Beauty is from within!

That is why from the time she walks in a room or leaves a room she is talked about everytime she radiates throughout the room. For light can never reflect or capture her true beauty that is why She the (RUBY) is So Darn Hard to find!!

I hope you have been aspired, to allow our Creator to continue to shape,make and crown your finish! If you enjoyed this Topic, Join our Group and comment or rate below each Post. I enjoyed this Topic because a Ruby is rare to find in a world with plenty diamonds. God Bless you............

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