Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'M So InTo yOu..........................

You Paid your Due's, Right from the start, What a Price to Pay.....ay  ay, 
 I'm So in Love with You, I don't know what I am going to do.......

     Hello Ladies, and Everyone, Today my Spirit has transcend on a Journey of LOVE.... This Video is a oldie but A GOODIE.. Mr. Peabo Bryson, spells how many men back in the day would really open up and allow a women to enjoy the best side of them. They weren't so eager to trade you up, if you were a good women in their book. Where did this Kind of Love for Women Go?  Those were the days, when you would go on a date and that was all it meant for some at least. But for those who wish to hear a man say those words, be encouraged there are Men who still feel this way about a women. If you are a Virtuous Women you will allow God to pick him and not yourself.
                                            Do you believe Our God can really be into you?
If not, please think again,,, I totally believe God is Pleased with Many Women of Zion, But they Lack a sense of intimacy with him because they only can see him as a father and not much more. But Scriptures says he is ALL THINGS to them that truly are believing in the faith! If you are lonely he is your comforter, if you are sick, He is your Healer.  So you can depend on his unfailing Love towards you. 

So tell me why do you lack faith that he is a rewarder to them who diligently seek him? It's a new season and even though many of you have been in a waiting season, the promises are still there. We just have to trust on God until he is ready for us to have what he want us to have. So what shall I do while I wait on The LORD? You fall in Love with Him, and allow GOD to Help him find you, so that he can satisfy what God's already started in you! I can tell SOMETHING is UP Because "LOVE" IS IN THE AIR.......

We have been swepted away by all the modern day Love songs, and forgetting that the true Essence of Love was built from back in the day where being Wholesome and pure was a good thing. Do you want to know my take?  GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING...

"By  His GLORY He shall create A Union of Love"

In his own Character is the Essence of his LOVE for all his creation. He Love you whether you love him or not, but he will invite you to Journey with him as he show you what True Love really is!  For many has accepted the Love he offers through the Journey, But there have been many who rather find it for themselves.

But for them who have shared in his Love, knows it only gets sweeter and sweeter! It's not like Man's Love. For God's Love you can depend on, through the good and the bad. On your best days and your worst days his Love shall always surround you! If you are still with me, Say "GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING".......

 I blog about the Love of Man and the Love of God because something is in my heart! I may not yet know all the details or the entire direction in which it shall enter but one thing I do sense GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING!! And I believe I'm not the only one who can feel a shift and change of Wind coming their way.

 I can feel intimacy in the words that are shared in this song! Maybe It's just me, But God will us any tool to get your attention in order to show his fullness in your life! I believe GOD hand is over me and many women here who have been pregnant with a child, And Morning has come!  Though I awake early I hear a love song, singing to me as I find my way throughout my day. It's a Love song, which is sung from a Father's Love to me! No more can I reject his Love, for it has kept me safe over the years! I can sense his warm sweet embrace saying the words peace. Call me Old School, But GOD IS DEFINITELY UP TO SOMETHING!

If you are out there no matter how near or far, God have allowed our paths to reach because you and I can feel the wind blowing across our lips! We can feel his presence laying down beside us while we sleep. we can smell his sweet aroma everywhere we go, It makes us to want more and more of him! For he  have taught me I am never alone, as long as He carry me through this Journey of Love with him!.  Thank you God for always showing yourself true in my life!


Okay, Everyone Have a Good Day! If you can relate to what you have read, Join us, and rate and comment! Thank YOU......

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