Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"WhO ShAll GuArd HeR HeArt"

Who shall Guard the Virtuous Women's Heart?

I was looking at different post, AND and The Lord said this to me, Whom shall Guard HER Heart? He led me to the scripture: Phil. 4:7
" And the peace of God, which surpasses (ALL) understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus"

 God is speaking to his daughters, He want them to know that "TROUBLE don't last always! Many are going around trying to give up all that they are, but the only thing God ask of his Children is for them to surrender there Heart unto him.  We can allow ourselves to be fooled because when we are not standing in complete obedience, we will want the blessing more than the prize.

What is God saying? I know your HEART, though you make alot of empty pleads to me, and Some are of Good intent but, Is your Heart right with me? Can you say that you are not still hiding things in your heart against people you don't know? Have you forgiven yourself ? Repent and Forgive them for they Know not what they do...

Sometimes, we are still holding on to past events, and we find ourselves carrying around such baggage in which we try and shut doors that were meant to Love and help us rebuild. We become are so angry,envious and disrespectful to them in which God has sent to us, to grow from. It's one thing to try and use a person to gain a name for yourself, but it's completely another thing when we down right try and hurt someone's else name who has tried to be good to us in the "Jesus" name. I really believe God is saying "Check Your Heart" we can all put on a front in front of the person we are not so fond of or people who do not see the wickness which is hidden in our hearts by the Evil one. But, Have you ever thought, maybe they can see what is in you? People are Notorious for allowing the devil to ponder things in which is not of any value in their heart among their brothers and sisters!

God says this, Proverbs 27:19  " So A Man's heart reveals the man"........................................

What's in your Heart against your Sisters and Brothers? If you can speak one day and laugh and talk, then why the next day you have chosen to no longer speak or look there way? When we proclaim the name of Christ we must accept all that he represent and not just what is fitting for us!

Many people believe they can wear a honor of unforgiveness and be considered righteous, "WRONG" you need to Check your Heart! We do not choose who God will send our way, yet we must not be so anxious to build ungodly relationship with those who can cause us to stumble. But we must remain and live in a life of Forgiveness. Who have you wronged that had to Forgive you? This table is always shifting one to another.

If you are here today and your Heart is troubled by someone you feel has wronged you, Maybe you should ask them why and where did you go wrong! Or send a small message wrapped around forgiveness. If you already have peace than God is with you, And now you can Love them now without Limits! This does mean be foolish, but this means you accept who they are and will no longer allow them to continue to disrupt the peace in your heart!

This message is designed for the Women who Heart is troubled, Who have been in combat with a wronged heart, But let us remember that we are not perfect ourselves and we don't excuse wrong, we grow from it!

May you enjoy your day and Let the peace of God, Guard you heart!!!

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