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Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the Desires of your Heart"

Are your desires driven through deception?

Today I want to say if you have been told you was promised a million dollars and it's always been a desire of your own to be wealthy but later you find out it was only a plot for you to pay into so that you will make someone else rich! What would you do?

My guess you would think before you leap. But this spirit of deception is present everywhere! And even though many have a good ideal how they are being deceived but fail to stop this deception for others, May be it's their desire is worth more than the deception. Did you know your name has been added to someone's hit list of deception? Mainly because they can smell your own desperation. Maybe we must learn that you don't have to fall for the madness every single time unless your promise is worthless to you!

Many Believer's will openly say "GOD said", he will grant me the desires of my own heart,but the question is have you DELIGHTED yourself in him? Have you made GOD your Priority for today? Have you utter up any praise or said thank you LOrd at least twice today in other to show your gratefulness for his Love shown unto you!

Are maybe your to busy trying to become your own potter and you want him to become your clay. Perhaps this is where your denial begin! A lot of people can not distinguish between what is hidden and what is not. So with this alone you are never qualified to be the Potter! Yes your education have bought you a name and position but their are area's in your life you can't help yourself and many are mad and disgusted by it!

How and why does God stops Deception:
One of God's Glorious character is to warn us, he urges us in scriptures to do not be anxious for "Anything" because most of the time as a Human, We all See what we want to see and leave what is not any interest to us at the door. Next, God will not allow you to pursue the promise, but the wisdom to the promise. Have you ever heard God say to you "DON"T DO THAT" when you could have slaughtered your enemies? He will always try and keep your physical hands from trying to become the POTTER he only wants you to be the HIS Clay! A Potter always protect his fragile surfaces, because this is where HIS best definition begins. Though the situation may begin all messed up doesn't mean necessarily the master piece cannot be revamped into it's intended purpose! God always begin with rough end. He sculptures the lives of humans who lives was broken....

        "Perhaps your life is broken and you are in need of a Potter"  His name is "JESUS"......

God's Purpose:
In our Scripture God's warn the believer that even though they sing songs of joy, love to him and strive to walk upright before him, they to shall be sheep waiting to be slaughtered if they are not prepared by his word. Because he knows what you do not know, He see's what you don't see. And he tells you openly whom your attacks will be centered by your adversary Satan! He then encourages the believer to get knowledgeable of his adversary as he is with you, learn his attributes and watch his ways! For if you look long enough you will find his plot can two be destroyed. But you have to see with your spiritual eyes! If you have been deceived lately maybe you better order some spiritual lens,immediately. Sorry to just say it for what it is but you need HELP! You need a Savior who cannot only heal you, but can protect your fragile edges as the Potter can certain do.  For God Specialize in showing us the truth, and if we can not receive it, he will offer it in many ways until you can want no more. But many of us, God uses our deception to shape our Rough Edges.

God will Protect your Rough Edges:
People have many rough edges and prejudices which delays many promises! What are the rough edges? Your perception of what is done to you and what is for you. Many are driven away by their own lustful desires when a person is being equally nice to them, they immediately think this person wants them. Sad but it's the truth. Many women have a poor perception of themselves. Many have been abused by what they felt was good and later found it was not good in it for them. Didn't your MOMMA ever tell you everything that Glitter isn't necessarily gold, some are just gold-plated!

I have notice many Believer's live in total denial, Though the word of God tries to correct our thinking, Many of are still driven by the desire to be or become. It's nothing wrong with becoming a great person with a great name people respect, but when we are in denial in how we are being perceived by others that is where denial begins! Remember less than half people you know will ever see you the way you,really want them too.

We should never try and walk in another's footsteps! For the shoes you already wear need to be laced up from time to time, we all lose our steps and sometimes fall from our place, but I have learned that the steps I have been given to walk were designed for me. So I settled this longtime ago, I will not try and be someone's else best masterpiece, I have made it my mission to only become the best I can be. If we as women begin to find a happy place in where we are, we can see the provisions in which God has made for us to enjoy! We don't always have to wear the same hats as our sisters to enjoy the same benefits.

If you are in denial ask God to give you a clear perception to what you are trying to do or become. Ask him to guide your every footstep as his increase your space. Stop always asking for the solutions of others whom may not understand where it is your headed. If we learn to allow God to order our footsteps he will bring those who we need into our pathways.

You are NOBODY'S FOOL... For many Women desires have been warped by their own decisions... It is time we begin to stop allowing people to dictate our self-worth and begin to make ourselves a priority to the equation as we begin to seek love,friendships,courtships,business deals,ministries and spiritual positions. God's plan was for us to be informed than misinformed. Forgive those who have tried to be a hinderous unto you and move forward so you may have properly time to gain your promise which was designed for you!

I hope this message encourage those who have been misleaded and have been in a state of denial. For it is the hand of the evil one to deceive Gods people, But the hands of GOD brings correction.  God Bless each and everyone of you..

             "Let not your Heart be troubled because your Father in heaven knows what you have need for"

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