Sunday, March 25, 2012

LoVe'S MisSion.................................

It's a Day that I remember the Love that surrounds me. It's a Day that I remember who cares the Most for me. It's a Day I find  True LOVE.............

My thoughts among many have driven me to the word "LOVE" and How it is granted to the Heart of a Man through a Virtuous Women. I had begin to watch a Movie on DVD, in which at first I felt it had a boring story plot which was common to other Love Stories.
Attention Viewers: I am going to make this Blog Fun!  By challenging all my viewer's to come and Join me, as I give away a Starbucks or Coffee House Gift Card to whomever can tell me the "Name or Title" of this Movie?  Now I shall continue my Blog...........

So As I was saying The beginning of the Story was Boy meets Girl, Boy finds out the Girl he was with was using him, and he discovers it wasn't love for her. So the plot turns around and now Boy meets A Woman and From the moment they laid eyes on each other they found Love....

Why I selected this Story to help me build my blog, because unfortunately we can never as humans say where will LOVE find us! Did your know LOVE has a mission To Find you.......

One of LOVE biggest assignment is to find a place where it shall never end! Believe it or not, LOVE has no end. It can only be contained by two people who allows it's to find rest in them. Many have missed the depth of it's being by only believing LOVE is driven by a emotion and not and assignment. But I will prove that 'True LOVE' has a Mission.

For many Women over the age of 25 now days they find themselves restless,and in fear it will not appear or find it's way home to them, but Love has a Mission and the timing begins when we say we are ready to experience the "TRUTH in LOVE." For many they may have to cross over many mountains to find true love but for others it may be right among the people who live are breathe around you. My question to you are you holding True love in the palm of your hands and don't even know it?

Many times Virtuous Women center their lives around their family and friends, and when they become a certain age group they forget what new Love can bring by looking back at all of their past experience. So they make excuses why they don't need Love and they begin to build fortesses are their lives so that it may not have a chance to find them. And after many years, many become lonely and bitter. Their mind set for themselves and others around them are True Love doesn't exist. Because they forgot to listen to their heart and not only to their painful memories.

But the real truth is they are Afraid of what Love Will DO to them! They are scared that True Love will save them from a life they have designed for themselves, which is lonely and selfish.  Some of them become Cold and Old never allowing True Love to enter in again!

(HINT): "She became confused and lonely, but LOVE had a Mission and it had her name and address
attached to it's Invite." Just think if she wasn't willing she would have missed her one True L ove.

But In the end TRUE LOVE conquers ALL!  Why Because for Most Men being with a Women who is loving, and not afraid to give him her all speaks volumes to his soul. Even when he never let her know he has heard her cry. In fact God have given them a Silent ear which allows them to know when a Good thing is for them! And though many great women have been abused by their behavior does not excuse LOVE's mission. Because we are not the one who offers Love, we are the recipients of his Love!

In the Movie (She) had to cut the relationship off,  because she didn't understand LOVE's mission. She allowed the fears of her failed marriage and the opinions of her friends to stir her away from LOVE's mission, her excuse for not receiving it was placed back on him, and how she felt she would only
rob him from what Love would one day offer him. But little did she know LOVE had chose her.

Now FiVE years later, they run smack face to face in a.................  What seemed to have been many years to them was on a few moments for us the viewer's but what made it all worth the while when you see how LOVE's mission had been restless,but silence wanting to finally find it's place home! Both had the same feeling at the sametime for LOVE's mission. After looking in one another eyes again, LOVE was still calling and craving for it's home.... I cried for them, because he already Knew what she had to find out, for herself in the beginning! It reminded me of LOVE's mission in my life! Today I found LOVE'S mission, I began to see that Love was not just a feeling it was like he said to her "it was about timing" Thank GOD he had her in his heart and never forgot LOVE's call for her.  She found out that you can contain many things but when LOVE rings you Must answer it's CALL! This time she allowed LOVE to complete it's mission!

How many times we as Virtuous Women Fight with LOVE's mission? But yet we say we want to experience TRUE LOVE! We would risk growing old and lonely than enjoy LOVE's Mission..  So many women have draped themselves in beautiful clothes, fake hair and long beautiful nails,Fantasy rides to satisfy a craving for love. They have told themselves, If I look good that's good enough! Perhaps, for some it will be their call, But for them who believe LOVE has a mission to find them,  listen to rhythms of your heart! Allow LOVE's mission to teach you what will be required to hear his call. It's okay to want LOVE presence because GOD is LOVE's Mission. So when he Calls you will you just let the phone ring or will you finally answer HIS Call?

As the Story ends LOVE finds it's HOME.... How funny, I said to myself, LOVE has a home, yet it's released from one to another, though it may become restless when it's not released but once it's found it's home and the mission is completed it's free to grow and blossom as it was created.


I hope you enjoyed the beauty of this blog, though this story could have been shared in many ways this is my version of  " LOVE"S Mission" Now if you think you know the "NAME or TITLE" of this Movie  I based my Blog from, please use the (((COMMENTS))) Button below the blog and leave your Answer...  If you are the lucky winner, you will receive a Gift Card for "Starbucks or a Coffee House"  Near you! I will be waiting to see who will be our Lucky winner!!

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  1. I'm just going to take a leap for it and say, LOVE JONES!

  2. I enjoyed reading this blog. Love is a beautiful thing. Everyday I wake up, I thank God for those who love me and make my life a joy to live. Tomorrow, I will be hosting a Health Care event sponsored by the Women for Obama. The purpose of the event is go bring women in our community together to discuss if we are better today under the ACA. My answer is a resounding yes. Because of the ACA, we have been able to afford to live with Diabetes and High Blood Pressure and enjoy 33 years of loving each other. My husband was not expected to live beyond age 35. On Tuesday, he turns 58. He takes 3 pills a day. Before the ACA Doctors for him cost us $100 a visit and some of his meds cost over $300. Today, we pay $25 for an office visit and $2 to $4 for meds. And I could afford to purchase meds (insulin) for my diabetes if I chose to do so. Thus far, God has blessed me to have faith and control my life with my diet; but it is nice to know if I ever decide to go on insulin like the doctors recommend, we could afford to fill the Prescriptions:) Love is the reason we live. President Obama provided us the ACA out of love for the people. There is no greater love than that.

  3. Hello: Clarissa, I really like that Movie as well, But Sorry unfortunately it's not the movie title we are looking for. But I will give you one more hint: It's a Movie that is out on DVD now, and It about a Older Woman and a Younger man. Feel free to try again! Thank You for your participation.

  4. Hello: Unknown, I am so Happy to Hear a Delightful Story such as yours, When I read your comment I felt my Job was completed. Many of times I see women around me, saying it's hard to find a Good man, And Infact it is, IF she's looking! Because Love for each person has it's own mission, Some shall see Love's Mission while younger and some shall see it while they are in a more mature age group. But when Love calls many are too busy to hear the call and answer it, Mainly because many are busy trying to get a better education or career at different parts in their life and they are not focusing on love. And our World as we known doesn't value traditional dating. Many never really get a chance to know their mates before entering into a marriage. But You have found Love's Mission, and I appreciate you for being Open enough to share your relationship, and I know deep down inside of me you and your spouse shall enjoy many more years,of Bliss and Love....
    God Bless you and We hope you are Healed in "JESUS" NAME...