Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So YoU ThINk YoUr ReAdY fOr DaTinG?


Does  C--O--U--R--T--S--H--I--P  exist anymore?

There is (9) Principles you need to know to survive Dating/Courtship!

Women are notorious for dating less than equal to who they are, and when they try and do things in their own way as being human we all have found that we can do more harm in some cases than good really by  trying to incorporate our own techniques which in very early stages of courtship can crumble the finish of a perfectly great connection.

Most women operate in a lot of fear that the man they are dating or Courting is going to hurt them, instead of helping them to become the Women who God intended for them to be. So they wear a Iron Guard, which I agree you cannot give yourself over fully to a person to soon. But it is a part before marriage where you can physically communicate and go out publicly before any hanky panky and just spend time together with out making it so personal by fun. This is the best part the getting "to know you" process.

This Blog is to help Women who are Clueless to Courtship! This means you do not know what is Good or what is Bad for you! If you are frustrated and without answers on how to date a man in a world that doesn't value purity stay tune you may be reminded why you should use all of the principles to determine if you are courting or dating the right person.

A Virtuous Women have already pondered many ideals and thoughts of her one true love, but just because you may know what you want you must begin to operate smarter and stop settling for what you can get. And stop making excuses for yourself. It's very personal when deciding to spend the rest of your life with some you will have to trust with everything!

Some of  you may be Seasoned, but it doesn't mean you know everything there is to dating! If you have a Good Man, continue to be the voice which stems hope in other Virtuous women because many have begin to believe they may not ever meet their one true love and have fallen away from the promise.

  " Courtship"  this mean it's the time before engagement and marriage. This time is set aside for a Man and a Woman to get to know each other and decide if there will be an engagement. Courtship is the traditional name for "Dating". Now, for many who are paying attention and is not marry but is dating someone, this is all your relationship is "Dating". Even though you are serious, and have taken it to another level this is where you are, and trust me if you don't think so try and ask your partner what are you two, and he will say, dating, or nowdays your in a committed relationship!

          Listen Up! There is No such thing as a Committed Relationship, when there is No Agreement!!!

You are Marry or Dating and everything in between is just away to make one feel secure. So enough of
that because many women are having a hard time with this, and many are not sure how "Courtship" works and when to draw the line while getting to know someone.

There is NINE Principles you should want to see before taking your relationship to the alter.

1. C:  (Christ) Make sure he has Christ in his Life and it's visible and if it's a requirement for him to be with a daughter of Christ. If he will date a women without stability in who she serve he may not be as ready as he say so. A man who is confident in his Savior will want to date a person who feel the same way.

2. O:   (Obedience) is key, If you are dating or courting someone who you like, but you do not see Christ in him let him go! Not next week a month later do it  Asap. You cannot afford to allow the friendship to blossom and then secretly tricking yourself to seeing something which was never there in the beginning.

3. U:   (Union) a union is very important! you both have to feel connected at the sametime. So many relationship or marriage suffers because both parties didn't want the same thing at the same time. Timing is everything with God and if a person doesn't share the same interest why are you pressing forward for marriage. For marriage is built on a union with one another.

4. R:   (Relationship) If you and him have been dating for over a year and he has not asked for a relationship something is not clicking with you and him. With Christ, he want to be in a relationship, for he do not date us on and on and on, He get us to a place where we can finally place our trust in him. If you are just dating someone when do you finally have a chance to take what you have learned and put it to great practice. No one should be led on, either you are the right one or not.

5. T:  (Truthfulness)  If you are dating a person who believes in lying he will lie to you! I rather have someone who can tell me the truth even if it hurts my feels than one who will lie because aleast I can make a clear decision in continuing or ending our courtship! If you are dating a person who can't tell the truth you are only setting yourself up for many disappointment in the future.

6. S:  (Sacrifice)  What will two people sacrifice to be in love?  If you are dating or courting one another their must come a time that both people must be willing to sacrifice his time,energy and spirit to one person. you do not need a person who cannot be faithful to you and only you! If he is the right person he will want to make your relationship serious and move the title up to Marriage because you are his future.

7. H:  (Holy)  When you are with the right person, He will want you to remain holy and untouched from others and only by him shall you feel his touch. But mainly you should be Holy before the Lord so that he can be in your presence. For if you are living right before him, He can direct your hearts in the way you should go. God is a Holy God, and He doesn't defile your temple, for he grants life to the dead, and rebuilds the hearts and cleanses the soul from all sin. A Godly man will not want to defile your temple.

8. I:  (Intimacy)  God created intimacy, for he knew that two people who are trying to build a strong union must develop a time where both can share with one another. Intimacy is not only a physical exchange, it's a time for silence and a time to bond and come more connected because you are now as one with one another. Make sure you are not allowing intimacy to control a courtship before it's timing!

9. P:  (Patience) Patience is a Virtue! It's very important that we allow Time to mend all and to reveal all. Many women are so busy trying to lack that husband instead of standing back to see if he meets her needs. Can he care for your children without you having to pressure him, does he want children with you, can he cook, clean,work a job and pay rent or a mortage. Is he a God fearing man who enjoys church as much as you do. Can he save his paycheck to show you he will not spend your inheritance or he will not ponder through money because he lack self control. You need to see the person for who they are then who you wish for them to be.


If  you allow Patience to have her good work while dating or courtship you in the end will not lack anything! For some will find just what they was looking for, and for other they will be set  free again to find what they have longed for. It's a process, we learn who we are and get to see if the person we are currenting dating or courting can measure up to what we want them to be. You do not have to walk away being all broken if you do not give too much of yourself to soon. If a person cannot wait and allow the process to be the establishing link you may want to let them past by you, because Marriage is not a union which should be entered into lightly! May all who read this Blog begin to enjoy a Wonderful Courtship before Marriage when the time is right and remember this is where you shall spot your one true love in Courtship! 

I hope you enjoyed my Blog, and I welcome your comments and post, Truly your words are making a difference. I hope to hear from you soon. Have a Beautiful Day!!

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