Monday, April 23, 2012

Where did her Virtue Go?

"Tonight is the Night"..............
By: Betty Wright                 

We can never assume when and where it will happen for our Children but It's bound to take place!

This message today may be a little off the Topic because it deals with a story of a Young Girl, in Love and wanting to prove her love and at the sametime losing her Virginity to become A Woman!  Although she was still rather young she realized herself that there are consequences, when we play with sin, she still rather particpate with the process because she wanted to win the heart of her lover. So her story begin, "Tonight is the Night". As a parent we tend to dread this moment because we know it comes with many different consequences and majority of the time, we as the parent will have to deal with the problems that may stem for our own children actions. So we try and push this topic further and further away, hoping because they are young they may not be quite ready. But as she sings her song, she talks about her being a very young girl trying to become a women, because her boyfriend told her he would make her a Woman. 

But what she may have thought before going along with her boyfriends suggestion, A Woman will carefully look at all that she is risking before moving forward and then determine is this the "RIGHT THING" for her and not make it all about him. Perhaps, she did, but Love got the best of her. But what we women tend to miss is Do the Men we Love Deserve what we are trying to give away so fast?

I picked this Song, because Betty Wright goes through her song, the way it normally goes down! She doesn't forget to tell her fears,and concerns in this event, She also touches her fears and reservations of her Mother finding out and what shame and pain her decision would have cost not only herself but her family. And then she acknowledge her Rebellion. Perhaps (Betty) Became (EVE). She actually broke it down to show how young girls are wisked away by this spirit of Love. And if you listen to the song in it's entirety you will hear her own innocence and sacrifice which was given up for her title as she became a woman. Betty Wright  did a superb job in expressing to her audience just what happens when a girl tries to cross over to womanhood.

I believe that we as parents must deal with this same Topic in our Households, we must not hide the truth and facts for the sake of time. Once that young girl is the age of 13, she need to know about her virginity and what will happen if she gives it away.

She needs to be informed about the Highs and Lows of Love, and How we were created to love one another but we must use sound judgment in doing so! We must share the contents of some of our own experiences with our children in order for them to realize their is no reason to rush, because you can only lose your virginity once! And by talking to your daughters, letting them know the many epidemics of diseases, teen pregnancy, and suicide among young girls who have so much peer pressure among themselves while trying to survive and achieve their education. It shall be then, many of our Mother and Daughter rivalry will end.

I will expose the Secret:

The reason why Daughters have a problem with their Mother's is because young girls admire their mothers freedom. And they believe our Freedom is contributed through sex. This is their (Fruit) that we as parents forbid them like with Eve.  But what they don't understand is why we try and tell them that their is "Consequences" to their actions, and since we are older enough to deal with them, your daughter/son may not yet be mature enough to deal with it on their own! But since they admires your freeness, they too want to experience it for themselves way to soon and in come "Rebellion".

If you and your daughter is always arguing it's because sin  is present! Young girls/women only try and lash their tongues when they are trying to be all grown and trying to push their parents because Just Like:  "Satan told Eve, if you eat of this fruit, you will not surely die." (Gen. 3:4)  and so what happened! She did! Eve was what a Young Girl, She right then lost her "Virtue"  And immediately scripture reminds us she and her husband was separated from her (GOD) which was their what? Virginity!  (GOD) was their Father the (Parent). And because of Sin Rebellion was born! She lost her Virginity with Christ first because she chose in the garden to rebell against him her God!  Why? Because she too was trying to be like Him!

Isn't that the same thing our children do with us? Once the virginity is lose in come disrespect,lying,mouthing off,cursing,fighting,and Because God is a God of peace he kicked them out of the garden. When our children is trying new things there will be signs. Because we are Like God, We already know when something is wrong if we are in tune with our children spiritually.  And rebellion always have friends that will follow beside him. We as believer's must search scriptures to see what sign is linked to what sin that is presence!

So what did (GOD) do when he exposed their sin? He immediately kicked them out of the garden, this was the consequences of  their sin! And since God already told them what he wanted them not to do,and they failed to listen He had to still enforce the rules in his own Garden (House). We cannot kick our children out of our homes, because we must allow them to become of age. But we can talk with them and let them know how sin affects everyone in the household. And if they continue to be a partaker of it's folly they shall be cursed by their own sin.

This message is deep, because we need to address this lying spirit before it gets in the hearts of our children, through their friends and other tools that the enemy will use to persuade them to become a partaker of his plan. Remember Satan is bold, and he is crafty. He will use anything to rob our children from their Inheritance in Christ Jesus. And He knows it works! How he knows it works? Becaused he used it on US!  And I will show how.

Everytime you try and urge your daughters or sons, not to have Sexual Intercourse they will say what? MOM, You did it!  You are standing their looking at this beautiful innocent face and the first defense they will always use is:  Well,You did it! Who is that speaking to you? Satan.  Why does satan uses this same spirit? Because he still tries to convince us today that the sin is OK, and he want to shut the mouths of them who can testify to it's consequence so he stares you right in the face and speaks to you through your innocent childs mouth! Because he knows because of that childs innocents you will shut your mouth IMMEDIATELY!!

 But if we train or children about Christ before hand they  will be convicted of their own participation with this form of sin! We can be as transparent as they can handle but we must speak the truth about it's contents and not allow our children to use it against us! Now, See God he put them out, because he already knew that was Satan, and that spirit would only defile the garden. But he still made provision for them because they were still his children. Now you see, it was the Spirit of Satan, God removed from the Garden that was trying to have the mind of God's Children. That my friend is a Parents Love....

I pray that every reader is encouraged to speak into your childs life, remind them of the promises our God has made with us, allow them to understand the truth that is before them. And never be afraid the ears it shall fall on. I also pray your children ears shall be opened to it's truths! God Bless you.......
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  1. Good message. It is always better for young girls to wait. Yes sexual desire awakens at puberty but teenagers are not emotionally or psychologically able to handle the ramifications of sex. Of course for young women the other part of the equation is unwanted pregnancy, interruption of school and serious life changes.

    I was raised in a different time period so I can't compare my experiences to kids today, however my parents did not allow me to date until I was 17 and then my Dad chaperoned all the dates!! So no opportunity for sex!! I was an adult about to go into the Army before I had sex. Actually I remember the doctors at Ft. Hamilton laughing at me during my pelvic exam because I was still a virgin at age 18. Maybe I was shamed into act! Anyway it was very painful and no fun. I went home and took a bath. I knew I had done something wrong. However I dared not become mouthy. Edward & Mable Palmer would have knocked me out!!

    As for my 17 year old niece, she goes out with her friends but does not want children. I still believe she is a virgin. From her mother and some of her girlfriends she has seen how being oversexed ruins a girls life and unwanted babies make life very hard. Thank goodness she learned from other girls experience not first hand. Anyway she will be going to college in September and I hope she waits until she's married or at least 22+

    All I can say is be truthful with you kids. Explain everything. Times have changed since the 1970s. Be upfront and don't be ashamed to discuss any type of sex related topics. Better your kids hear it from you than from the streets.

  2. Thank you for the feed back, it is very interesting to hear how people think on these types of issues. It's in the parents as well as the child best interest to explain why sex is not something you just do without being aware of all the ramifications which can cause them a lifetime of struggles. I am happy you and your niece waited.

    My oldest daughter was a really tough one, she was zealous about having her first boyfriend, and One day she came and told me I wish I would have waited! Now that's she 25, she have seen first hand how life changes after you have given up your virginity. I too wish she had of waited, because like you said she just wasn't as ready as she thought! But she is a very smart girl doing well for herself. She will among the many who want to become a wife in due season shall find love.

    I really enjoy all your comments and Thank You for being a diligent Followers!