Monday, April 16, 2012

WhO iS BroWn SugAr.........

                                                              Who is Brown Sugar?

Hello Everyone, I just want to share! For Her Skin Tone tells a Deeper Story than what you Think!

Though her skin color is made of many different shades, you are still  "Brown Sugar"..........For many decades our world tend to forget Women of Color have Ruled it all! She was the First of her kind, though her complexion was darker than some she was the one who paved the way for others...

Look below and see how "Powerful  "BROWN SUGAR" really was and Is still today.........

Her Duties:

She was the First Woman to hold a Job:   Brown Sugar was the first women to hold down a regular Job.Although she was place into the fields because of her skin tone, she held the title for women who had to work outside of her own home. And was paid very little wages for the work she did!

She was the First Cook:  Brown Sugar had some "Mad" skills on how to prepare different foods we still enjoy! When you chew on Fried Chicken,Collard Greens,Rice with gravy know this she was up early in the mornings slaving over a Oven trying to prepare"Supper" for a family which was not her own. Her  food was impeccable, and She begin to notice she had been given Ingredients in which God gave her to become a Brilliant Business women with a Niche for Good Old Soul Food Eateries. For her Brown skin  paved her way and helped others as well.
She was the First Housekeeper:  Brown Sugar knows how to clean a house. She was known to be the  Servant, Slave or Help. She was told that she must scrub the floors, walls, dishes, countertops and wash all the linen and clothes several times a day. She was the first women to master her skill and take care of a big  Fantasy Home, and she was left in charge to train other house helpers and was given full reign on how to organize her duties day after day.

She was the First Baby Sitter Brown Sugar was told to nurse,bathe, watch and teach the children while the Mother was free to shop and tend to her husband so called needs. Brown Sugar became the first Women who Mothered Children in which she did not conceive and whom was not the same color of her Skin. She became the first caregiver.

She was the First Hairstylist:  Brown Sugar had some "Mad" skills! She's trained herself to wear a fro or straighten her sheep textured hair. Many women became jealous of Her true beauty she possess and is still to this day. For she was the one who invented the straightening of the hair through the Stove in order to get her hair to look beautiful like other ethnicity. Her skills range from Braiding to Weaving and everything in between. And many cultures have adapted to her teachings!
 She Is the First Woman of Faith:  Brown Sugar talents have always shined higher than any North,South or Eastern star. She created Prayer and Worship. Her daily routine was to pray and sing old hymns as she hung clothes on the lines, and as she rocked the babies to sleep while their mothers took a nap. She always was and is the Greatest Prayer warrior of her kind.

Though she may have been the first women who told a man NO, Stop or  I Can't, does not make her an enemies. Why do other Culture men hate her because she is not easily convinced. She has learned how to become a VirtuousWomen by the barren tone color of her skin. Though she may be different from other women doesn't mean she is not special as well. She may have an attitude and a different types of styling principles but it doesn't justify she's not equal to other women and race. Her Lips may be fuller and she may have a Curvaceous Shape but she is Still "Brown Sugar". Not one women should have ever been ridiculed because of her race. For it's God's choice that he made a shade deeper than others,not darker because we all well go back to the same dirt in which we were made. Next time you see her recognize, she's not just a Women of Color but she God's First Women of many shades and colors. She is the one who have suffered and reigned again and again! She Is a Nubian Queen from many tribes with many gifts and talents. For she shall be recognized as GOD's First Women of grace and her name is still "Brown Sugar"......

 If you don't know, you better ask someone, She's Powerful and Beautiful and Her Name is "Brown Sugar"  Because she have placed her Faith not in things but in values. Hopefully next time you look at "Brown Sugar" you witness the Queen from within!

  When we learn to open our Eyes Up, We can spot the Beauty in All. I hope you enjoyed my blog!
  I have been waiting to sharing this piece with you..........

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  1. The first Brown Sugars more than caretakers but Queens, Regents & Rulers: (Thank you Wikipedia)

    Hatshepsut (play /hætˈʃɛpsʊt/;[3] also Hatchepsut; meaning Foremost of Noble Ladies;[4] 1508–1458 BC) was the fifth pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty of Ancient Egypt. She is generally regarded by Egyptologists as one of the most successful pharaohs, reigning longer than any other woman of an indigenous Egyptian dynasty.

    Queen Nzingha was born to Ngola (King) Kiluanji and Kangela in 1583. According to tradition, she was named Nzingha because her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck (the Kimbundu verb kujinga means to twist or turn). It was said to be an indication that the person who had this characteristic would be proud and haughty, and a wise woman told her mother that Nzingha will become queen one day. According to her recollections later in life, she was greatly favoured by her father, who allowed her to witness as he governed his kingdom, and who carried her with him to war. She also had a brother, Mbandi and two sisters Kifunji and Mukambu. She lived during a period when the Atlantic slave trade and the consolidation of power by the Portuguese in the region were growing rapidly.

    The Queen of Sheba (Hebrew: מלכת שבא‎, Malkaṯ Šəḇâ in Biblical Hebrew; Malkat Sh'va in Modern Hebrew; Ge'ez: ንግሥተ ሳባ, Nigiste Saba (Nəgəstä Saba); Arabic: ملكة سبأ‎, Malikat Sabaʾ) was a monarch of the ancient kingdom of Sheba and is referred to in Habeshan history, the Bible, the Qur'an, Yoruba customary tradition, and Josephus. She is widely assumed to have been a queen regnant, although there is no historical proof of this; in fact, she may have been a queen consort.[1] The location of her kingdom is believed to have been in Ethiopia and Yemen.

    Candace of Meroë

    Candace of Meroe was the queen of Nubia at the time of the conquests of Alexander the Great. According to legend, Alexander encountered her when he invaded Nubia.[1] In fact, Alexander never attacked Nubia, and never attempted to move further south than the oasis of Siwa in Egypt.[1]

    The story is that when Alexander attempted to conquer her lands in 332 BC, she arranged her armies strategically to meet him and was present on a war elephant when he approached. Having assessed the strength of her armies, Alexander decided to withdraw from Nubia, heading to Egypt instead. Another story claims that Alexander and Candace had a romantic encounter.

    These accounts originate from "The Alexander Romance" by an unknown writer called Pseudo-Callisthenes, and the work is largely a fictionalized and grandiose account of Alexander's life.[1] It is commonly quoted, but there seems to be no historical reference to this event from Alexander's time. The whole story of Alexander and Candace's encounter appears to be legendary.[1][2]

    References to this warrior queen are among the earliest made to the Nubian Kentakes. The name "Candace" is actually a form of the title "Kentake", and not the actual name of a person

  2. Thank You,Dancing Palmtrees,
    I really enjoyed reading your post, it's very clear that "Brown Sugar" have reign for many of centuries. I believe that Women of Color need to recognize the Power they have and the influence many of them have had over other women. Way too many women have walked away from beautiful futures because they lost hope and never used their faith to carry them through the storms of life. This post was never intended to upset other cultures but it was to inspire other women that they have been blessed by God and that she do not have to feel like she can't survive and rise above the madness which is contributed to the color of her skin. Don't let it end here, research look over the centuries and see just how many women of Color have led important roles in our society. And I also believe God wants to restore dead dreams! For when we stop dreaming our purpose no longer exist. Your research was excellent and I am glad you felt this blog could have been very inspirational with the much needed information which proves "Brown Sugar" is Special in the Eyesight of our Almighty God! If you don't know ask someone who know her originality and her accomplishments,And the many roles she played in leader such as "Esther" and "Naomi and Ruth" and Sara! God has Great plans for his daughters and Now is the time for all women with a Voice to make a difference. I hope you know just how powerful your words and the message really is! God Bless you my Sister!

  3. Most of those Biblical sisters you mentioned were Black or of mixed heritage. That includes my namesake, DeBorah in Judges 4 & 5. If all Women of Color actually did a careful study of women featured in the Old Testament our eyes would be opened. I have further discussion of the topic regarding Empowered Women of Color on my ministry blog, A Call to Witness.

  4. I meant to say I have two Blogs: Espiritu en Fuego and A Call to Witness,