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What do A Virtuous Man Wants in A Virtuous Women....

  Hello, All My Virtuous Sisters.....................

I want to share this video,
By: Truprince

A Virtuous Women Daily Living would like to help repair the broken vessel and true beauty that lies within the Virtuous Woman. May be you've ask yourself  "Am I worthy to be called AVirtuous Woman"? I've made many mistakes and some of the things I've done does not reflect a Women of Virtue. But I stopped by to encourage all my Sisters, there is True Virtue inside!

 As I sit down alone reading my paper I visualize a Women who had been divorce and it really took time for her to fully forgive herself for not being able to save her marriage. But through her pain she went to seek Love to fullfil the void her husband once did, but after many years she was no longer the women he wanted to love as so he promised in his vow to her. She became overweight and suffered depression and her entire facial features had changed. She was still very attractive don't get me wrong but because she had  to cry herself to sleep every night hoping her husband would come home from always working late, she developed dark rings around her beautiful hazel eyes!  One day she stopped her Husband before he went to go have his Morning Shower, She said Honey, "Tell me why you don't Love me anymore, Because from what I see you don't want my touch anymore? And this is how he responded I have always Loved you, this my love you must know, But the fact that you lost your Virtuous Ways, I miss that women in you, she was the love of my life, my best friend, when I needed her arms to hold me instead of nag me you would not let me end, I watched you change over the years, My beautiful wife begin to allow her true beauty to die within! Now instead of going to the spa, you rather go out and eat with your friends, now instead of buying a sexy piece to wear for me, you force me to hurry up when I try to make love to you from within, now you blame me for all your pain, even when I'm at work and several miles away. I look at this women I live with and have prayed earnestly that my Virtuous Queen will come back home to me once again!

Her eyes were filled with tears running down her face! She dropped on her knees and Asked God to bring her back to that place. That place of hope where it all began and that is when he brought her that Virtuous Man.  She admitted to God He was the void, and not husband anymore. Then she realized, Her time was up with this man. Infact she did lose her way, but it didn't mean God did not want to restore her in a Greater Way!

A Short Story!
By: K.Thomas
Sisterhoods Bookclub

Many Virtuous women have infact lost their way, because they lost their mate amd who they once were. But it never to late to enjoy the life God will create in for and with you. I believe if you watch a Man tell you who is the Virtuous Women, and what she should be acting like you will recognize she still live within you! Sister's believe this, there are still men of Virtue, But Who we are will definitely reflect who we shall  pick! If you are Virtuous Women on sunday, and  a freak monday thru saturday you will definitely pick a man who just will go to church with you. But if you are devoted to the Life of Christ you will want a man who offers his spiritual protection over you and you will not be satisfy until he makes you his wife!  "Truprince", reminds us who we are and what we although to be doing in order to be connected with a Virtuous Man. He breaks it down for you to understand where you may have lost you way.....

I hope you enjoy this Video, and May God Bless you for Tuning in Today, Have a Wonderful Day!

By: Sisterhoods Bookclub,
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  1. The Christian man is meant to be the covering for the Christian woman. Not as her Lord & Master but as a provider and a protector.

    Male/Female relationships should be in sync with each other producing beautiful melodies. But as the gentleman says in the video decent men are looking for a complete package not just the outside. Men are initially attracted to a woman's beauty and outward appearance but if you open your mouth and nothing but foolishness and trash comes out that man might sleep with you merely for sex but he is not going to marry you or "wife you up" as my young cousins say.

    Any good looking man with a good job can find a sex partner but most men want a mate. Right living men are looking for a partner to share their lives with. Real men want a woman with whom they can be open. The man should be able to cry in front of her without the woman accusing him of being weak. A man should be able to share his ups and downs, his plans, dreams, and goals no matter how crazy those plans may seem.

    Part of our roles as helpmates is to encourage and support our men. Being with the right man can make even the most ardent feminist or cynic do a 360 degree turn in her thoughts towards men or rather that particular man. I was that cynic. I was that "Doubting Thomasina". I kept breaking up with Ivan, even to the point of canceling dates and pushing him away but he kept coming back or I should say God kept putting him in my pathway. Thus I discovered the depth of kindness, gentleness, wisdom and love who accepts me just as I am. My trust has returned and I'm looking forward to where God will take us next, together as a couple.

  2. Hello again! My answer as to why women don't always get along with other women is discussed on my blog:

    By the way, I do have a small core of close women friends that I've known for a while and whom I can trust but overall I usually don't get along well with women.

  3. I AM a writer. A thinker. And as often as I can without guilt a doer.

    For most of my most beautiful youth, my soul was wasted on the dysfunctional people around me. Bringing my youth to a bitter, unrequited, sad ending. Self-esteem smashed like a pumpkin, circumstances and everyone else`s hideous mental disorders had found me a total ugly, deprived, fettered mess.

    However. and I`m sure everyone has one. A dream. I had an image, not a relationship to serve and protect me. But one I valued, admired, respected to the utmost. I loved my inner marriage all the while. I kept it safe, secret, and alive within.

    I`m much older now, and oh, so alive, moving, happy. That is my inner beauty projected. That is my value on humanity. On my inner marriage, my soul.

    I so so remember this one particular picture on the cover of a National Geo. No, not the girl with the green eyes. But of a woman in the desert. An old old woman, with her head leaning on the heart of on old old man. Weathered by the dust and sand of trials and virtue. He looks out through the lens, past the camera, into the open, empty desert, into the future. She has a look of total admiration, respect and inner love for him. That is her beauty. Her beauty shines through him. His beauty shines into the future. The respect, and loyalty depicted is her gratification and honor.

    You see, it's who he is, that is her beauty. I guess I'm more attracted to humanity in the masculine than I am interested in his skin. Albert Schweitzer, Gandhi, Frances Bacon, Plato, Oskar Schindler and others appeal to my inner beauty.
    I am told often of my beauty, but this does not concern me. I am looking for the man who through his good deeds I recognize my own beauty. I have no idea why I think this way. I have no idea why I am compelled after such disastrous human infliction, But, I continue these thoughts. They just persist. I am still single and lovingly so. To many I am too old, to others too fussy, to the men I date, a confusion. (yes “a confusion” as a noun, as something you can touch but can’t touch)
    But there is the dream, the image and the truth and freedom.

    Above all there is the freedom.
    And in the end towards the beginning, he is freedom.
    He stands for freedom.
    He is my King of Kings.
    He is my devotion, my beauty.
    He is at not only my bed, he will sit by my death bed.
    He is the very passion of my existence.

    And to those who think, there lurks a neurosis, so be it.
    I’ll take the label to my love table.
    To all other’s I only hope I can set the example of “exemplary”

  4. I would like to add I wrote this a week before I saw your sermon. It was a good sermon. It is a man's responsibility to guide all men to virtue.
    There are not enough good men to go around. But I'll find one, you'll see as well as he.