Tuesday, May 15, 2012

wHEN a wOMan LoVes A mAn..................

When a Woman Loves a Man.....................

We are going to discover just how deep a Woman's Love can be For her man!
Yesterday, I blogged about:: " When  a Man Loves a Woman" now today I will talk about When a Woman Loves a Man.

Women are very basic, they see a man then they aim to get him! But is this the way it was intended to be?

 God's plan for women is to be considered a help mate to her husband and mother to his children, and wife to her husband. But many women have taken on the role of the man because she can no longer trust the words that come from him when she's the one who is left to carry the weight! WHY because she already knows, had she not loved this man she would not have been left in this situation to raise HIM and the KIDS!

Our Modern day society has adapted to the ideal of women supporting their homes instead of placing the responsibility on the man even if he is no longer in the home. Though she may feel alone and abandon she is still yet forgiving of her man's error for the sake of Love.

When he is in the Home she's always rearranging her schedules to make sure she is by his side when He needs her the most.  As women many have the desire as EVE did when in the garden as she ate of the fruit, she could have easily chose to eat the entire fruit alone, but No, she went and offered her husband a piece as well. My point is women are always sharing and including their spouses or man in things even when it was for them to enjoy alone. It's funny how the serpent SUGGESTED that she eat from the tree first. But scriptures, only addressed what happened after she and him ate from the tree!

But how do we know if anything would have happened if Adam hadn't joined in?   Just food for your thought. I believe maybe Satan wanted to see what was going to happen himself, and when she ate of the fruit she didn't act like anything was different until the both had ate from the tree.This example alone showed the Love God had for Women, because were made to help our mate. He knew she had been mislead by satan, and at the sametime her husband had not taken the lead and through this very event Women have been called to become independent in their thinking!

Which has cause many women to feel if there spouses are making way less monies she rather help him think he's still doing better than her. Women who are in love with their man never hold back. They will help him when he's in need without seeing that man playing them. I have seen women who love their man, buy clothes, shoes, make car notes, by furniture, clean the men house, help him get a better job, let him stay at her place when he lost his own, let him drive her car, and give him money when he is down on his luck! Many Women will offer their prize possessions for the sake of Love.

She will selfishly not bare children even if she's always wanted children for herself just because he does want any. She will change her friends or let them all go for him, she will slender down, make beauty changes, add implants to area's of her body He wish she had more for him to enough and correctly have surgeries which can jeopardize her own health for the sake of Love.

And if her family is not supportive in her choice to be with him, she'll leave them alone, for the sake of loving her man. Women for many years, have sacrifice many things to have a man be with them!

I will tell you many men would not risk many pleasures,unless they are in Love with you! But even then a Woman Love out beats his Efforts.

Men don't leave or write off their families, even if their mother don't like her. He may have little to do with them and will still blame the woman for the fact his mother doesn't really care for her. And if he really want children and his women doesn't he will find someone who does want to father his children, he will not end friendships because many of his friend disapprove of who he is dating. Nor will he offer his possessions up freely unless he feels guilty just for the sake of  Love. He will never freely forgive you for making more money unless the extra is spent on him. He will rarely give his house keys out and allow a women only his girlfriend to come by and wash, watch tv, and stay at his home as much as they like unless she's past many of his test! He will not easily go under the knife to correct his body part only if that is what he chose. And he will not lose weight unless he's single again, he will go to the gym more as a recreation for himself. And if he's a single dad, he will never abandon his children he will become resentful if the woman he loves doesn't welcome them like they were her own. And you will not drive his car all the time instead he may help you find your own. Let's Face it, Men are way more selfish than women.

Women are the bomb! We have a deeper desire to be loved and were not afraid to let some of our desires go to have a man's love. Even though I personally don't believe you should have to make all these changes to have a man's love, I must not ignore many women will do anything to have a man's love.  My heart goes out to the many women who have allowed themselves to be tricked and those who have denied themselves from experiencing life on a greater level. This blog is only created to show a Woman's love for a man.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and if so leave me a comment! Have a Wonderful day.....

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  1. Hi! This post makes several interesting points. Women have been conditioned by society, culture, media, etc... to sacrifice. However that is not healthy. Nobody male or female should give up their hopes, dreams and goals for another person. Now you make put them aside temporarily to care for an aged parent or a child but not for a husband or wife. You'll only wind up being frustrated and later on down the line probably divorced.
    Several years ago I thought I was in love. Almost became that man's personal servant and sex slave. However I did have the good sense to finish my BA. I was in my 40s so my childbearing days were over. It's creepy to become swallowed up by some man. It is necessary for women to retain their autonomy. With my ex- I lost myself. After he left I regained myself. Finally able to focus on my dreams, goals and desires I'm a whole human being not just half of a couple or worse half a person!
    Ideally women should pray for a Christan man who is your spiritual and intellectual equal. Men and women are supposed to be team mates, partners working together. My parents were married 40 years but that was a 1950s marriage. Dad bread winner. Mom -- Housewife. Times have changed. Thank goodness my parents realized that when I was young and never compelled me to marry or reproduce. I was encouraged to travel, take classes, explore opportunities etc... Except for that lapse in judgement in my 40s I pretty much stayed footloose and fancy free. Suits me. Finally now that I'm 50+ I'm with someone who accepts me for who I am and is supportive in whatever I want to do. In turn I do everything I can to be there for him, not out of duty but because I really love him. Partnership. That's the key.

  2. I enjoyed your story "Dancing Palmtrees", Many issues you brought out are very common and more than half of women have suffered some of the same results, but unfortunately many women have tried to sheild their pain. If you never hear of these issues, where does healing take place. I have witness myself and other compromise dreams to be a mother and a wife. But later I did go back and acheived probably further than I would have in the beginning because I had grew into myself. But I would have had much accomplished and faster, but I don't look back, my focus is up ahead. I love my children, and I am happy with myself. I do believe that a man can bring out the best and the worst. But every woman must be accountable to herself, she deserves a right to seek and pursue her destiny. And if she choose to not become a mother that is of her own personal choice. She should never be looked upon as a man's toy of affection. And if she is being mistreated she owe it too herself to break free. I hope many read this blog and understand that God's plan and purpose is bigger than what they can see for themselves.

    God Bless you Dancing Palmtree......