Friday, March 16, 2012

ArE yOu ReAdY tO BeCome A wIFe?

Are you ready to become A Wife?
 Does the Vision of Marriage have you in bondage with the reality of Who you shall be............

To many women want the fairytale but do not have a clue to what is required within a marriage. If you are seeking God for your mate please be clear there are many things you should already possess before entering into a matrimony relationship. I have witnessed many women who are more in a race down the aisle not for the gift of being in love, but only so she can have the benefits which come with being a wife. 

 The First Key to a Healthy Marriage is Love, it's where it all began and Love is what shall keep you connected! Second is Faith, in yourself and your mate, Third Respect to Love each other inspite of your flaws, Fourth Equally Yoked to one another by same interest and desires for your future. If you have the basic fundamental of what it takes to become a Virtuous Wife, You Shall be headed for a Successful Marriage. But what can become a Deal breaker may be Religious Views. If you are walking with God before he comes along, it's vital that he doesn't hinder you but become apart of the plan GOD's already planned for you! Understand Women tend to change their views,focus and achievements over time.

Women between the Age of  (25-35) all believe that Love is all they need. She believes foolishly that once she take on his name she will never have to worry about anything, Her desire is to please him, and become the Mother of his children. She also knows she doesn't have much to offer back, so she may choose to place her plans on hold to help him become the main bread winner. And she may decide to end all her past friendships because her image of marriage is based around being his biggest supporter and anyone who could get in the way with her plan is now their enemy. 

Women between the Age of (36-44) are caught up with trying to become a mother and her focus of marriage is based on creating a family. Her Love for him is good but now that she's feeling like her biological clock has been ticking she is more selfish and have the thoughts of becoming a mother at the top of her agenda. Her husband has become her human punching bag, She will fault him easily for everything, from losing the toothpaste cap, failing to pull the toilet seat down, from eating all her snacks up etc... She is just bothered by his existence, and have placed total blame on him why her life isn't perfect.

Women between the Age of (45-55) is content with herself, and having a companion,to travel,talk and make love too. Now that her children are adult age, her life is based around what she wants for herself. Her plans are to encourage her children but know surround herself around new things! She has become each one of their children personal reminder of how her husband and her place certain values in them. Her husband is no longer the LOVE of her life he is her life. They are able to rekindle a love who have suffered many changes and may have withered many storms together. She is more at peace with him and where their marriage is headed.

Women between the Age of (56-Up) are ready for her legacy and teachings to be placed in the hearts of her grandchildren. She is busy trying to encourage her children who are not married yet to find wives, and has her eyes on watch for descent son-in-laws. Her time is measured around being a wife, hobbies and recreations. If she is a healthy women, her husband along with herself are trying to treasure there moments.. They are about spending quality time walking,talking thinking about their past and what the future holds for the both of them.

Marriage is what you make it to be! You can start your marriage off by first asking all the right questions, by securing the both of your life plans. If you select someone for wealth and prestige you may find that his money may secure your future but will not be the key tool in keeping the marriage from suffering human fralities. Selecting "LOVE" is a great way to begin, but know Love alone doesn't pay your bills, be careful that he can meet your needs as well. Many women are suffering from the lack of Sex and so they marry for pleasure and forget that outside of the Matrimony bed, you must live with all his corky ways and flaws. It's better to find more in common than less. For Marriage was intended to become a union and not be abused by personal addictive behaviors.

If you are ready and willing to now become a Virtuous Wife, Make sure you line your thoughts and plans up with God's because he knows,holds and shall become the both of you all future. Congratulations, to our Virtuous Sisters!

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  1. You hit the nail on the head with your characterization of my age group 45-55. Whether you're married or single at that point in life your objectives and focus on relationships has changed. I know mine has. I have many suitors and do not lack for male companionship but my priorities have changed. I made Me, my priority. Now it's time for me to shine and if the man wants to walk along the pathway fine, if not see ya! At this point in my life I can truly say I'm comfortable with or without a partner in life. Yes I believe God has someone for me but I'm not desperate. I'm so happy and enjoying the single life so much that I almost don't want it to end. Life is such a wonderful journey and adventure. Sometimes I'm so excited I just say, What's Next God? His answers are a Fantastic Voyage!

  2. I appreciate your comment and everything you spoke about was the truth! It's a good thing to embrace the season of life your in whether single or married it's clear God intended for us know how each side would feel. Thank you for your Wonderful message!