Thursday, March 15, 2012

A VirTuOus WOmAn iS NeVeR AlOne.........

Matthew 28:20
"teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always,even to the end of the age." Amen.

  For All Women feel alone, For All Women must walks alone, and For All Women who shall stand alone!
 There is Peace while walking with Him....

My message is driven to my Virtuous Sisters, who are thinking like A "Women". Thou, your flesh may grow weary but you are NEVER alone, unless God Spirit leaves you!

How are you not alone?
Believe it or not there are millions of God fearing women who feel lonely! And many of them are not single. Some are married,single,divorced and widows. But if you are a Believer God states we are never alone, for his is with us everywhere we go!

Why are so many Women Alone?
They have missed opportunities,broken relationships,poor life choices,dysfunctional family issues,wayward past,childhood abuse,sexual abuse,abandonment,lose of a spouse,confusion,disruptive addictions,drug and alcohol addictions and the list goes on. Anytime you are dealing with disappointment or depression you will immediately feel a sense of isolation. You may have a busy life, and Many things to do to help others, but tell me "WHO HELPS YOU"?

Women are very notorious for trying to help fix others lives, and rarely planning time to fix their own. Infact, some are so envious of Women who have ventured out to fix their own life's to better suit what they wish to acheive. And when a Women try to make a stand for the betterment of herself, she is persecuted than rewarded for being a problem solver. If you are going to be a women in this day and wish to solve the issues of Why maybe you feel lonely you must began to solve them from the inner woman inside. This will require you to spend not 15 minutes to pray about your needs, But what it will require is you spending time with you! It's a Journey you will find it shall make you understand who you are and why you've always felt alone.

The Journey:
This Journey walk is the Journey of the unknown,unseen, and the undiscovered! As we are all formed to
develop a day to day lifestyle schedule we all begin to recognize we shall contribute to this world by different views,standards and social beliefs! And we learn that our beliefs are no longer governed by our peers and families who may share a different view or perspective. We may become depressed and disappointed by the indifferences our "Fans" have left our side and now we must become the wind beneath our own wings! Moving on alone with a life of many uncertainly can make one feel alone or lonely from the inside. Having personal identity struggles can make one feel alone, Having no true supports for your cause can make one feel lonelisome and being rejected can tapper with one's ability to become successful alone!

We as Women must learn to take a moment and just breathe the Air around us! Stop basing every moment around change and embrace the moment you are in. Sometimes we must be alone, to find who we are so that when change comes we can make the necessary steps to become apart of the changes that were made. Face it, Women aren't easily accustomed to change, We will fight change, when we've built empires in which we believe or sound proof. We have to allow God to show us HIS vision and HIS plan for our lives and stop taking all of lifes issues into our hands and trying to solve them like we are HIM.  We have been given a title to become a "HELPER" until we are Married and then We will become a "HELPMATE". Even though a Virtuous Women hands are always apart of something doesn't mean all the responsiblity and efforts should be laid upon her.

Every women owes it to herself to take 7 days throughout the year to "Do Something for Herself" this means you can pick 7  days to "Do You"!!  YOU can include who you like, but the one's who causes the most stress should be left at This may be time spent to go have a beauty spa day, hair and nails, join friends for shopping spree's,Go to a play or believer's conference,take in a good movie, spend a day to catch up on reading, jot down a things to do list, Go out to dinner at a Five Star Restaurant, Buy a Fabulous Outfit, Get a New Look, Travel, or go on a retreat. Whatever you choose to do make the day about "YOU". Pencil "YOU" into your Planner!! No excuses, make time for yourself, and Get a Babysitter, someone to pick the kids up from school, all squared away before your day's come.This does not mean fit the Family around your schedule, But Take a Day for you alone!!

Many women have grown lonely because they are trying to wear many hats, which have taken them away from doing things to self build who they are in the inside. They never have time to live,laugh and breathe. Everything become about the bills,family and Work. Rarely are they given a "DAY OFF" and it is sad but our people who we love the most will try and take advantage of your willingness to be apart of everything they do, until when you ask to be dismissed from something they become angry with you! Many Women like Esther in the bible was order to Cleanse herself, and wait in the presence of the LORD as he would begin to heal her,cleanse her,place desires and Hope in the inside of her in which could have been stolen had she failed to listen to his instructions. A day to replenish,rediscover the women in the inside will not take you away from who you have become, But it will certainly shape you into the Women you will need to become over time.And you may discover you are never alone, and there are many women like you who need to rediscover themselves as well.

I hope you understand it not all about everyone, and everything around us, but sometimes it's about who we are and not only determined by what everyone else needs or want from us. Make time for you and do not forget you are a priority! GOD  BLESS MY SISTERS!! You may post your comments and testimonies to help support others!! And Don't for to Join our Page.....

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