Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"ThE eXprEsSiOn Of LoVe"

Hello Everyone,

Today I want to share a message which shows the first of many expressions of LOVE. Though this is the First expression which always leads to intimacy it's speaks loud when mouths are silenced but it carries great power and substance inside this gesture of Love between a men and a woman. It is the expression of "Holding Hands". 

Did you know when you hold hands with someone, it's a very intimate message you send to each person as well to others who watch you displaying your affections towards one another?

Today, I am reminded in so many ways Love can be expressed!  Many times we look to hear a person state verbally "How much they Love You" instead of allowing True Love to be found in it's expression or gesture. But Love has many different expressions and if they are recognized you can sense a meaning within each expression.

Love is a very deep subject, and for most people if they've been hurt it's a topic many care to talk about because their concept is now "True Love" doesn't really exist aleast from their perception. Their ideal of what Love is only is based on how that person made them feel when they exchanged heat, or when that person Kissed them for the very first time and so on. But it's very interesting you rarely hear people bragging about their first time holding hands with one another and how much intimate they became with this expression.

Does this expression of Love shows great or equal benefits as well as being told you are loved or being Kiss?

If you are lost, we are talking about the expression of Love by Holding Hands! Now if you are somewhat a hopeless romantic you may see It does! But it's contents are highly overlooked. Now, for me when a MAN holds my hands I sense a ownership,really liking me,intimacy,mutal bond connection. If I be truly honest I never hold hands just because! It's normally with someone I may feel I am interested enough into before sharing this expression with. 

I know it's crazy but it's that one expression of Love people rarely talk about because it's a silent expression which  carries a Great Weigh before two people usually enter down the journey of Love! Infact when I see two people holding hands it reminds me of Love and how they must be In Love! It's a very silent but at the sametime loud gesture of Love. And it shows the direction in which the person's are acknowledging for one another such as the territorial strength of their relationship and is openly display to let others know they have reached a mutal bond with one another.  If a man feels comfortable with a woman and he choose to hold her hand, he is making a geniune statement of Love and sincerity towards her and she as well toward him.  For I am forced to look back over the hands of Love I've shared with men, but I must be honest the one's who we shared the strongest love was the one's I held more the hands of.

                                               Can you remember Love?

Now, when you Hold the hands of and potential Love interest it's an expression of Trust. It allows both parties to recognize they are walking in the same direction and they share a mutal bond and connection. When you hold your mate hands you immediate exchange ideals, and open the door for more ways to show your expression of Love to one another.

If you are with a person and they never hold your hand what does this mean?

It only tells that true intimacy is being ignored or may not be a option at that moment. And if that person pulls away everytime you try and hold their hands this states they are not physically attracted to you enough to recognize or even consider this expression of Love. Perhaps, this is their way of drawing a fork in the road to imply what the nature of your friendship is!

If a person have a sound interest in you they would never be ashame to hold your hand. Actually if they have feelings for you they will want that closeness. If it's your first time holding hands, it's possible the other person is trying to get you to know they want more intimacy with you!

Even though it's the most least of the expression it holds much power. It is the one expression which opens the door to all the other expression of Love. Love is personal and when a man holds a women hand whether publicly or privately he is choosing to open his door of affections up to her. He has realized that she is somone he believes he can trust with the truth and with his heart. We must stop waiting to only hear the Expressions of Love but recognize what we see in people who makes those expressions toward us!

If you've ever wondered why people hold hands, because they are physically attracted to one another. Both people are comfortable with the thought of being each others, and they have consciously decided that they will no longer try to direct the Journey of Love by the Expression of Love and by holding hands!

I hope you who read my blogs understand Love is the greatest gifts of them all, without Love you can never move forward and you can never experience True Intimacy if you do not reach a common goal for the many different expressions of LOVE.......... I hope you enjoy the The "Expression of Love".

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