Monday, May 14, 2012

I aLwAys LoVE mY MaMa..............

Hello Friends,

My Blog is a Contribute to All the Mothers in this world, whether you are the biological mother,Stepmother, Grandmother, Foster mother, WHATSOEVER Title you carry, Let this day be a Blessing to you by God first and then through the people who you spend your day with! 

Well, I just thought I'd have someone remind you just how special you are to them! Even if Your family is not be able to fly near you, but these men are going to tell you why most kids really "Love their Mama". So this is your gift from me to all the Mama's! And Thank you "The Intruders" for thinking so Highly about you Mother! We can still enjoy your music......

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!! Happy Mother's Day!!!!!! Happy Mother's Day!!!!!! Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

          Now Go And Enjoy the Rest of Your Day...................

By: Sisterhoods Bookclub
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