Monday, May 14, 2012

WhEn A MaN LOveS A WoMaN.........

Hello Everyone, It's Been awhile, But I am Back!

       WHen A MaN LoVes A WoMan!!

Over the Mother's Day Weekend as I sat in the Chair to have my Pedicure and Manicure done, I heard my Mancurist play Micheal Bolton Track over and over again!  I began to sing this song after I left.
                                     "When A Man Loves A Woman"

But what was quite interesting I've always loved this Song, The very first time  I seen  Micheal Bolton performed this song on OPRAH WINFREY show...... Yes, it's been along time ago. Honey, this man can SING!!!

 This song is why I blog today!

When a Man Loves a Women, She can't do anything wrong,  Wow.......

Many women are always chatting about a man they love, than a man that really loves them! We as women will sit around in packs discussing all the things our mates have done wrong but will rarely share the things he's done for the sake of LOVE.

It's hard for women to talk about Love when they are so busy trying to understand if the man their involved with really likes them!

My daughter and I was talking about her friend, which she's grown fond feelings for! But she says,, Mom I just can't say he feels the same for me! I begin to symphatize with her and THen she asked the Big Question!  HOW DO A WOMEN KNOW WHEN A MAN LOVES HER?

I Think my best and most truthful answer was this:  "When she can see "She's" his priority even if he have to place her needs and wants before his own".  He only want her to be "HAPPY" because if she's happy he knows he will be too!

Then she said, Well How will she know if she has the right man?

I told her, Okay Let's talk for a moment!  When I got straight down to it, this was my words, I believe when a woman see's her man she will know it! She and He will feel and exchange even if they don't  know each other well. As they stand or sit around one another, there is an innocent attraction from both people. Now as the attraction grows it will cause both parties to want to get to know one another better!

And Once they are talking and trying to learn about one another, they will begin to see if this person is good for them! Now if the Women has prayed earnestly for a Husband God will speak to her spirit about him and she will begin to see moreover his life and what is his "Desires" and her spirit will be attentive to his spirit because she no longer will feel just a physical attraction, she will have spiritual attraction which will require her to see his faults,mistakes, and failure from a spiritual eye than a natural eye.

She will not defend him, or rescue him because he is not a stray dog! But she'll see where she can see herself fit into his life without trying to fight with him to become apart of his world. And she will cause him to love her from his soul and not only from the beats of his own heart! If a man Loves a Woman, Micheal Bolton is right, He will not stand by and let his best friend talk against her, because if you talk about her, she is now apart of who he is and he will not stand for that anymore!

Though his Love is deep for her, and she may take him through many hoops, but he knows that when he's around her, or lying right under her there's no better place for "HIM" he rather be.

Now, Women stop trying to make a man Love you! You are worth more than Rubies really if you are a Virtuous Woman! It's sound simple, but it really is like this:  "He either Love you, or He doesn't" either way you still WIN in the end! If he does, then you have what it take in his eyes to make him feel secure. And if he doesn't, it's better to end it than force yourself on someone, who will only disrespect you because you don't make him feel the way he knows real love feels. If you let him go you only Open the Door for someone else who will show you how you should be treated and Loved.

I cannot offer advise because everyone situation is unique! But I suggest you be careful to Whom you trust with your LOVE because When a Man Loves a Woman, SHE must Love Him Back for the Love to Last!

Enjoy the Video and have a Very Blessed Day!

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