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Hello: Friends,

The Topic "Knowing Who You Are"  is a very common factor for everyday Living!

Making Sense of Who you are! Everyone is always whispering inside someone ear about you as you walk throughout the Halls, or Inside of your Church or While getting into you car, or While you enter a party or special event but what are they saying about YOU?  Isn't that interesting how everybody is sharing their opinions about who you are other than yourself?

 Today is your Day to find out "Why are you So Interesting".  From the beginning of time I really believe that there were what I call "GUPPIES".  A GUPPY searches for Important about other people without backing up the information they've received about others and they use A EAR HUSTLER to go Ask you about the information they heard to get you to confirm there facts. Guppies are the ones who spread the information to the Ear Hustlers. And most of the time a Ear Hustler can be someone you may already know but thing they would never betray you.  If so think again! Many Guppies are always ready to send untimely, incorrect information throughout the airways to try and mess your reputation up and credibility up among others. What I've learned is Guppies Lives in larger environments such as churches,businesses,state agencies,schools, anywhere people are flocked by the numbers there will be a pool of guppies. 

How do they find Ear Hustlers? They find those who are not popular and people who do not know who they are.  People they can use to just plant around a person who they seek to destroy.  And in some cases Ear Hustlers want to obtain popularity and lack their own Independence and they are willing to gain it at any expense and that is how they are selected. The Guppies are always controlled by a GUPPY LEADER who will send the small guppies out to spread the lies and destroy others life once the Ear Hustlers have conducted their assignment! BUT what most "EAR HUSTLERS" do not know they will be the one alone who will take the fall with the person who is being attacked. All the Guppies will swim away, that is why they are never found and still in high demand.  So if you didn't know you do now, there is a Ear Hustler sitting among your group of friends. How I know, Let you do anything stupid you will see how fast that news will travel.

        She's been sent to get the scoop from you so she can go share it with others! Look at those eyes she been taught not to let on to who she is!

Testimony:  "A Friend and I was talking and she asked how had I achieved a particular goal? I told her "When we are able to get to know who we are, it just makes life a little easier. I begin to recognize what she said to me because this is how she said it: " Whatever you are doing it is noticeable to others"  this statement alone made me realize she was sent by the guppies to find out my Business.  We'll you know I kept it plain and simple!

What came across my mind was this many people don't even know "WHO THEY ARE AND HOW POWERFUL THEY CAN BE TO OTHERS." Below is a set of question you may want to ask yourself because you may have a lot of great qualities but have not become the person you are destined to be!

*Are you a Quitter everytime trouble comes your way?
*Is everyone the enemy and not yourself?
*Do the same people from your Childhood still taking up much of your Memory?
*Do you feel intimidated when others people get more attention than you do?
*Do you feel that everyone want you, but you are still not taken?
*Do you feel that everyone else problems are not as worst as yours?
*Do you always get mad when you witness others become successful of get something they want?
*Do you feel like Life has left you behind, nothing ever good happens for you?
*Do you feel like God is not in your corner?
*Do you feel like you've been cheated?
*Do you believe that you have to lie about everything to have friendships with people?
*Do you think you are not attractive?

                                       Change is Necessary..................................

   When a person feels deprived in everyday life matters this is a symbolic sign they have not reached a certain level of independence. Although they may have a Job, and a lot of wonderful things the facts are they cannot do anything without others approval. If this is the case they may go throughout their entire life allowing others to use them by concealing there true identity. God never intended for his people to allow other people to control there existence. In fact His total plan for a believer is to be totally dependent upon him and not man or ourselves. If you are having a problem with identifying who you are look below and see How you should be answering the same set of questions above.

   When we Know who we are we can no longer operate from the same mentality as before! When you can say this Word "YOU" without waivering then you can see things around you changed for you. But when we use the word " I Do Not FEEL" this means we have not gotten the assurance from within to move forward.  One should never rush at making lifelong decisions, but one should never totally depend on others to approve of them.


*You choose to never Quit until you see the RESULTS YOU WANT TO SEE
*You recognize you can sometimes become your own enemy from TIME TO TIME
*You refuse to hold onto Bad Memories that made you feel sad, and have discovered the New You
*You enjoy watching people because it only gives you new ideals how to step up your game
*You have learn that patience is a virtual, and you are content all by yourself
*You ARE not focused on problems only solutions
*Your familiar that season's come and go, so there's no reason to becoming bitter
*Your choices determines your outcome, you've decide to remain faith no matter what
*You can see evidence of God in Your life, and you know he's still in control
*You are not going to allow your circumstance to keep you down any longer you have stood your course
*You have learned friendships are fading, But GOD is forever by your side
*You have confidence in which you are reflecting beauty wherever you go,because beauty is skin deep

When we are having problems with our identity we will always have doubts about everything. When we know who we are we will always Recognize,Realize and Recommend that we are respected at all times.

Many studies have shown that many people are driven from a lack of fear than confidence. Maybe the answer is "BELIEVING IN WHO YOU, NO MATTER WHAT COMES YOUR WAY" because at the end of the day you are the only one who will live with the choices you've made over the course of your existence. As for others they will only witness what they've seen or heard about you and without out reasonable facts the Guppies of this World will continue to spread untimely and incorrect info to hurt other people but may be if you've been their Ear Hustlers you will find Independence and no longer allow yourself to be tricked into this cesspool of sin. 

I challenge everyone who will read this blog, to embrace "YOU" while you have a chance! And "lean not to your own understanding about everyday life things" If you never take the time to get to know who you are, How will you know what you can believe and what you cannot?

If this blog helped recharged your faith, then leave me a message! I really believe the world have tried to make many people bitter than set them Free. Tell me what you think?

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  1. Great blog! Guppies & Ear Hustlers aka Gossips. I see quite a bit of this on my job and over time I've distanced myself from these people. I can't stand fools who spread stories. Having been the butt of cruel jokes and false stories I know how it feels. Like my mother Mable Palmer used to say, If you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all. Women who spread gossip are motivated by jealousy & envy. In fact this reminds me of the song Smiling Faces. Smiling Faces tell lies.
    Some women have the wrong motivation. They get excited when something bad happens to another person in the workplace. Whether you like that person or not, it's not right to speak ill of others. What goes around comes around. Karma. As for me I might say Hello, Good morning or maybe not but I just keep it moving. I have a core group of friends and I keep to myself. Give the devil no place.

  2. My reason for writing this blog is to expose the many of clicks that are among, many organizations who uses innocent people to conduct a dangerous behavior. Gossip has been one of the instant killer of our society. Once it's out it's out, it don't matter if it's true, and many people will live with what's been said, than try and back up the information by other sources. Back in my day, when you heard a rumor it was mainly backed up by evidence which declared it to be truthful and people still did question what they heard. But now days, if a person don't like you all they have to do is lean over and whisper something negative in the ears of another person and boom your guilty, A guppy is a fish and they always travel in flocks, and is quick while swimming although they are small and you would never think how important their existence is. I Like your point, how many women are driven and motivated by negativity because plain and simple they are negative people themselves. A negative person never see themselves as an explosive they think for some strange reason they are helping people by exposing others. when at the same time they are usually doing something they hope no one take light of them doing! They thrive in darkness and that's why their good at what they do, Yes I've watched this behavior be reward among the church and different social networks. And people rather join in the hate than try to make light at "WHO" is spreading the Lies! Karma is what, they fail to realize will bite them on the butt one day! I appreciate your comment so much truth is being said to the "Guppies" of this world.